Scientific proof of what?

Screenshot from “Self Sufficient Me” video

If you dig down some fish heads in your garden and plant some tomato plants on top of them and later it turns out that these fish-tomato-plants give a much bigger yield of tomatoes compared to the other tomato plants with no fish heads, do you then have scientific proof that it is because of the fish heads you had a bigger yield. No.

Okay, then let’s say that you convince some other people to do the same thing and they also experience the what you did, do you then have a scientific proof that is the fish heads that give the bigger yield? Well, it depends. The official scientific community has not approved your experiences, so in their terms, you haven’t proven anything. You can do the same thing over and over again with the same result, but when you try to say to the tomato farmers that fish heads work, they will tell you: “It is not scientifically proven.”

It is the same things we hear again and again from official authorities and scientists and the medical community about alternative health medicine and practices. “This sort of stuff has never been scientifically proven.”

So practically the authorities can keep all kinds of competition out of influence by refusing to study it and setting up scientific experiments. In that way, they can keep all competition away and keep on saying that the claims about fish heads are only anecdotical.

This is very frustrating and leads many people to give up living a healthy lifestyle because whatever the learn in the alternative community is attacked by the mainstream scientific community.

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