The West Bank or the Cove?

NOTE TIL MIN ARTIKEL: Sammenlign historien om the West Bank fortalt af Kim Iversen med dokumentarfilmen “the Cove

In Japan, there exist a little cove called or the “Dolphin Bay”. In the cove, a mass killing on dolphins takes place on a daily basis. The world is ignorant of it. Even the Japanese people don’t know about it. It is kept as secret as the cruelty done to the Palestinians on the West Bank.

In the documentary “The Cove” it is said at timecode 1:25:40

Right now I am focussing on that cove. If we cant fix that problem [in the tiny little dove] forget about the bigger issues

It is the same thing as the West Bank. The West Bank is like the Cove. The world is kept ignorant about what the Israelies do to the palstinians in West Bank. As long as the situation in the West Bank is at a status quo you can be sure that the UN Agenda 2030 (allegedly a plan to save the world) is ONE BIG LIE…well it is actually a lie whatever they do.

West Bank or little Cove?