Agenda 2030, tell us first about the true causes of poverty, hunger and high mortality rates in third world countries!

God artikel med almindeligt accepteret mainstream forklaring på årsagen til udviklingslandenes problemer

If Agenda 2030 would please explain to us the causes for over 100 years of poverty, hunger and modern slavery in the third world countries, we might believe in the 17 UN goals to save the world. But they will never tell you that because then we would discover that Agenda 2030 is a gigantic smokescreen created as a cover for the next step in enslaving the third world countries.

It is common knowledge that in order to cure a disease you first have to know the cause for it. Agenda 2030 has the ambition to cure the ”disease” of the world, and the diseases are mainly called hunger, war, poverty, illiteracy, hunger, high child mortality lack of access to clean water and education. These diseases are most prevalent in third world countries around the world. In order to help them out of these problems and prevent them from happening again, it is a crucial necessity to first know what the cause of the problems is. Then it is necessary to inform the people of the rich, developed nations in the West about the cause and first then a solution to the problems can be found and a strategy laid out how to cure them. I haven’t seen any attempts to explain why 2 thirds of the world have been suffering so immensely by suppression from brutal dictators, poverty, constant wars, slave-like conditions for over 100 years.

The simple answer is: During the Cold War from 1945-1990 the United States and the World Bank “developed” all these nations into becoming what we in the West call “The Third World countries”. They created the misery, the suffering. They established all the dictators by overthrowing democratically elected leaders all over the third world. The so-called “developing loans” which were given to the third world countries was a total fraud. The word “developing” is a misnomer, a completely false label. What was developed was the Western controlled slave-like production facility for producing cheap goods for the Western market. Western companies were paid by the development loans – to move in and totally re-arrange the infrastructure of a country to be able to establish industries staffed by child labor. Roads for transportation and harbors had to be built. And great dams for electricity had to be built. None of it benefited the poor population. The people were a slave force working under horrible conditions.

But wait a minute! This situation is exactly what is going on today! If we had been told that this is the real cause for all the suffering and that we have been told lies and been manipulated for decades, then we would say: Please give an explanation, Mr. UN, and please explain why this has not been explained in the Agenda 2030!

Has the United Nations pointed out this cause? Has Agenda 2030 told us that the real cause for all this suffering is caused by the CIA, the United States government, private corporations in close collaboration with the pro-American dictators?

The loans were given

The term “Third World
The term third world was originally coined by the French demographer Alfred Suavy in the French magazine „L’Observateur‟, the term „third world‟ was used for the first time to refer to those countries which did not align with the Soviet Union bloc or the Capitalist bloc during the Cold War

from the World Bank was

But I know why. And I also know why Agenda 2030 won’t tell you the reasons for the sufferings. Because if you knew you immediately knew that Agenda 2030 is a fraud.

I remember in school it played as an underlying idea that people in ”underdeveloped” countries were exactly ”underdeveloped” and backward because they were a little closer to the period called pre-industrial. We (the never said ”white man” in the 1970-80s) but only ”we”…We were some steps ahead, for some reason not explained to us. And the main reason was the industrial revolution. We invented machines, automatization, guns etc. We invented effective medicine. We industrialized food production, and therefore we were not poor, hungry and primitive. In school, they told us that these underdeveloped countries needed our help and expertise to come out of poverty. And therefore we provided them with ”developing loans” for a low cost. We were so nice. I remember that we learned about the ”Green Revolution” in India.

So if the Agenda 2030 reports had a chapter called ”Why has Africa, South America, Asia, and the Middle East countries suffered under regimes

The Bolshevik Revolution, 1917
The mainstream history is a fabrication. The true story is that the Bolshevik revolution was financed and controlled by a capitalist elite mainly in the United States. (Antony Sutton + ). Their objective was to use a conflict the controlled on both sides to bring about their pre-determined plans of creating a new world order not based on sovereign nations but ruled by a global unity under a supranational lawgiver.
Sources: John D. Rockefeller: Memoir quote), Carroll Quigley,

World War I
The war led to the creation of the League of Nations, but the American people didn’t go along with that idea. They were still focussed on nationalisms and isolationism.

World War II
The war led to the creation of the United Nations where also the United States became a member.
Sources: Walter Veith and the spiritual aspect of the United Nations; John Foster Dulles´ role in the creation of UN, Teilhard de Jardin – Jesuit spiritual influence;

The Cold War
Creating a bipolar ideological, political conflict: Capitalism versus communism; individual freedom and free enterprise versus state-controlled economy and industry. The Cold War was a global fear that communism would take over if the so-called “free world” (the allied nations). But communism was not an ideology emerged in the heads of Lenin and Marx.

Creating regimes in the third world
On the basis of fear of communism, several coup d’états against third world countries were initiated. Overthrowing democratically elected leaders led and establishing pro-American regimes were hindering democracies and free, independent nations to develop. From now on they became dependent nations. Examples: Iran 1953, Guatemala 1954, Congo 1961.
Sources: John Pilger, Noam Chomsky, John Perkins, Steven Kinzer

At the same time manipulating the Western democracies by fabricated stories planted by the CIA in the western media telling us that all these proxy wars were done in order to hinder the development of communist powers to take over (the domino-theory). But none of these nations were a threat or even communist.
Sources: John Stockwell,

In order to betray and lie to the European and American people, the CIA had to control the news media in order to place fabricated stories in the public. The CIA controlled several big news corporations, had their people placed as editors and journalists all over Europe and the US.
Sources: John Stockwell, the Church Committee,

9) Parallel to this: The think-tank-academics in Europe and the US (CFR) promoted the idea that the concept of nation-states leads to war between nations because they think in the lines of nationalistic interests. Therefore, they argued, nation-states are the root cause of wars and conflicts in the world. As proof of their theory, they referred to the two world wars which were described in terms like ”the wrath of the nations”. They also used a psychological theory about the “bewildered herd” that had to be controlled by “necessary illusions” in order to prevent the deep founded aggressive instincts (evolution theory) that leads to mass violence. But truth is that both wars were carefully planned, financed and controlled on both sides by the same globalists, so the argument was based on lies and manipulation. Sources: Martin Erdmann; Noam Chomsky; Edward Bernays;

The Social Gospel – establishing the Kingdom of God on earth
By the aid of the anti-nationalist propaganda, they convinced the largely Christian (protestant), nationalistic and isolationist-oriented American people that the only way to bring about their belief in a coming ”Kingdom of God on earth” (Millenium theology – 1000 years of peace) was to abolish the idea of nation-states and instead create a supranational political organization (United Nations) by political means. The politically created union between all nations in the world should be served to them as “Gods plan” for the world. This idea was promoted by a new kind of theology called the ”Social Gospel” introduced through the churches.

The same idea is now expressed by the pope: A social gospel to unite all nations. Agenda 2030 has become the pope’s vehicle to fulfill the catholic Agenda of re-establishing the former power of the papacy.
Sources: Google “God’s plan + pope Francis + Agenda 2030”).
Sources for “Social Gospel”: Martin Erdmann
Other sources: John Lenon: Imagine; John Foster Dulles

11) How they convinced the europeans about the same anti-nationalistic idea. The Europeans who were far more secular than Americans, had to be convinced of the idea of a supra-national power to rule the nations by use of another strategy. The Europeans did not buy into the idea of building a ”Kingdom of God on earth”. They were spoonfed another kind of lie – the theory that the only way peace could be obtained and kept on european soil was through corporation made possible by founding a pan-european political and economic union – a United States of Europa. This idea was promoted secretely by the CIA through their many front organisations and through infiltration. The organisatin they succeeded to establish was the forrunner to EU – the Coal- and Steel Union.

12) Behind all these many games played on us during the Cold War were the same groups of powerfull men and they had placed two brothers in official geopolitical positions at in the United States: John Foster Dulles and his brother Allen Dulles. The first was head of the open and official foriegn affairs and the other was head of the secret foriegn affairs (the CIA). These two brothers were practically involved in planning and executing all the above mentioned actions.

13) When the pro-american regimes had been established in the third world, by overthrowing their democracies, a new phase began up through the 70s-80s: transforming all these nations to production-facilities under slave-like conditions that could produce cheap stuff for artificial created needs in the west. This phace was hidden under the term ”developing assistance”. The money for the loans came from the World Bank, and it brought all these nations into bottemless depth, deep poverty, death, and disease.

14) Next step was to move in with a new tragedy – vaccination programs and tons of synthetic medicin, called nødhjælp.

15) These nødhjælpsprogrammer was fasiliated by western oranisations – fx ADRA. The taxpayers were convinced by campaigns showing dying children that we had to pay for the saving of humanity.

16) And the last skud på stammen in the continuation of the big lie is Agenda 2030. Compare the words in the social gospel with agenda 2030. Same same.

17) On one more organisation has now introduced itself openly as a key supporter for Agenda 2030: Tha Catholic Church with the first the jesuit as a pope ever in history: Francis.

18) Agenda 2030 is nothing else but a continuation of the process towards one world government which was set in motion and openly admitted by the power elites behind the social gospel and all the overthrows during the cold war. The plan is to establish the KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH in the popes version by the military assistance from The United States

19) Today the US has established over 800 military bases all over tha planet. They are ready for at total take over where people are not by them selves adopting the the idea of a global Pax America.

20) BIBLE PROPHECY…..And let my now turn your attention to the fact that this particular geopolital union bethween the catholic church and the us has been expoesd and exactly predicted in the bible as the very last thing to be established – as the kingdom of god on earth – right before a global catastrophy will be udløst, resulting in the total destruction of the world.

21) Gods plan is not to let man establish any kingdom and describe as if it was his idea and his plan. Mankind is fallen and nothing good can be established by political manipulation and human efforts. God will himself return and destroy this Agenda 2030 which is to be alikend with the building of the tower of Babel in the old testament days. Gods plan is not to establish a human political construction on earth. It will be a global, technocracy, a world wide fascist state with the pope as global spiritual god-king and the usa as a well trained, global police-dog.