Mainstream history books and documentaries are oversimplified fables fabricated to make us swallow the BIG HISTORICAL LIE

All mainstream history teaching in school and popular tv-documentary series are at the same time massively oversimplified and stuffed with tons of obscene details about historic persons all of which tends to make us forget that the mainframe of the story is total smokescreen…to be honest: ONE BIG HISTORICAL LIE.

The oversimplified stories make it very easy for people to remember important historical events. They get a feeling that they know something when the can say: “Oh, the reformation that was a conflict between the catholic church and the protestants Christians”. Yes. That is true. If they remember more then they mention the indulgences. And some will even remember a little about the theological debate about faith and salvation. But even though this is also fine, it is still a diversion from the truth. Or rather: It is a diversion from the part of the story that is deliberately omitted because it is a very unpleasant part because it exposes a deception that exists and is in work right now.

Like for example: The first world war began with some sort of a prince being shot, right? This event set the whole world on fire, right? NO! Ok, but then the EU began with a great idea of making the war-participant countries of Europe corporate about coal and steel – the so-called Coal- and Steel agreement, right? NO! Okay, let’s try this one: The Russian Revolution was an uprising by the downtrodden poor Russian people against the czarist regime, right? NO, not at all!