The Jesuit Order

If this is the first time you hear about the Jesuit Order I think you will be at the same time fascinated, surprised and also alarmed. If you had a brief introduction the order in school it is most likely that what you know is only half the truth. And the other half is the disturbing part.

For a reason you will slowly discover, the real truth about the Jesuit order has been gradually covered. Some years ago I took some time and looked up “Jesuit order” in many different encyclopedias I found in libraries and private homes around in Denmark from the 1800s till today. It became a sport and I habit to do that every time I came in old peoples homes. Some years ago I did that a lot because I worked in the social and health care system.

What a difference I found! The perception of their role in history has completely changed from the most dreadful and destructive powers ever put upon mankind to one of the most self-sacrificing and humanitarian

And the question must be put

You will have two very different

The Jesuit Order has since its inception by the pope in 1536 had a tremendous influence on history in nearly all nations of the world. Mainstream history has not ignored this influence but it has never the less been kept out of modern history. In schooling, it seems like the curriculum focusses on aspects that are related to the front figures of history: The kings, queens and military commanders in popular battles. But the war that the Jesuit Order fought against humanity was played out in the shadows of these famous people. It was more the rule than the exception that it was Jesuit priests who were top advisors for these kings in Europe. In other words: These famous men and women whom we memorize and erects monuments for, were often part of a bigger plan which they didn’t fully understand. Some were manipulated, others were willing tools for the Jesuit order. The counseling the kings took from these men in black were never advancing the wealth and freedom of their nations but rather the opposite. Whatever nation the Jesuit Order had its influence it was for the benefit of the Catholic Church. Or to be more specific: The set goal for the Jesuit Order was to bring the whole world into submission to the Catholic Church – politically, economically, and religiously. This was its proclaimed call and the very reason why it was brought on the scene as the popes “secret army”: To infiltrate and destroy every protestant country in the world and to prevent any other countries from trying to walk the same path into freedom and democracy.

My goal is to show you that the Jesuit Order has never given up this goal and that they have succeeded!

and catholicism. The Jesuit Order was and is still a military order, its leader goes under the name “general”, and the priests are “soldiers for Christ”.

This is not a conspiracy theory. Recorded history is full of proof of the matter when it comes to history from around 1600 to the end of 1700. And from then on the Jesuit order is suddenly swept out of history as a key influencer. From 1814 the order is said to have been abolished by the pope, but never said that its influence became even bigger