Science can not be trusted

When you hear that something has been tested safe and none toxic by scientific studies, you are supposed to think: “If science says so, then it MUST be true”. But that is not necessarily so. Today science can prove anything you like. You can easily prove that coffee is both healthy and unhealthy. The result depends on how and what you measure. You can order the result you want.

But another thing that is problematic and very disturbing is that companies create false “scientific” studies and get them planted in renowned scientific magazines where they appear as “science”. An example of that is Monsanto (RoundUp).

Clip from timecode 15:40
How Monsanto faked scientific studies about their product RoundUp (timecode 18:40)

This is only one example. But it shows how big corporations can easily manipulate and fake their way to the market.

And this is the situation: You can’t rely on experts, scientific studies and journals any longer. It can be true what they are saying, but they might as well be totally misleading and false. So what can you do if you want to know the truth?