Why the study of history is important?

It is common to believe that history develops more or less after the same parameters as a kind of inevitable evolution. In other words: History evolves and we can’t do much to change it or control it. So they say about the industrial revolution. It was something that happened and it was out of political control. It just came, and it developed on its own built-in terms. The same is said about the technological revolution we have seen in the last 20 years. Both the industrial and the technological revolution are compared with a train roaring forward. Nobody can stop it. We are only passive passengers. It is uncontrollable and it is inevitable. But is this true? Or was there very powerful forces behind the industrial revolution that crushed all opponent and critic? And is the case today that there are very, very powerful forces – operating behind the scenes – that are pushing an agenda of more, and more, and more digitalization, surveillance, and data control in society? If we believe that it is an inevitable development we are witnessing then we are far more susceptible to surrender and give up our individual law given liberties and accept a new order in a society that could be compared with the novel “1984”. “What can we do about it”? people ask. And on the other hand, the technological revolution has brought us extremely many advantages. The list is endless. Think for example the GPS. It could not handle my life without it any longer. So the devil has sneaked in together with a sack of Christmas gifts. People that defend it say: More technology leads to more progress, and more progress leads to more prosperity, and more prosperity leads to more happiness. So they argue.

But this comparison of the development with inevitable evolution or the roaring train is a total construction that has no parallel to the real world. It is a fake narrative sold to us in order to make us shut up and accept the conditions.

The study of history is very important. But why? Some would give the answer that history tells us where we come from and how our culture has become what it is today. But one could reply with another question: “Why not just live in the present and plan for the future, because we cannot change the past?

A famous saying is that “those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it”. But I can’t really see how that can be true. If history is only an interpretation of historical events then how can we trust anything? Interpretations of history changes from generation to generation. How can we ever rely on anything and learn from history? The saying ought to be: Those who don’t know the mainstream interpretation of history is doomed to believe historians who are manipulating.

They come up with theories why . And the interpretation is changing

I believe that knowledge about history is important because it can expose history that is written with the purpose of imposing and indoctrinating a specific world view in order to control society. The main purpose of this website is to expose historical lies and provide access to the story that has been wiped out because it reveals how the true rulers of this world are working behind the scenes to create a global Orwellian government.

It is a free choice if one prefers to support the coming global government. Even though it is partly established by the use of manipulation and lies, and partly through coup d’états and installation of brutal military regimes, many people will support it for the same various reasons why they chose to support the Nazi regime which gradually grew up and like a bindweed ended up enclosing the whole society in a constricting web.

The study of history in relation to the biblical prophecies is a mindblowing confirmation that the authors of the Bible were under supernatural influence that made them capable to give a detailed and accurate account of the most important events in world history more than 2600 years before they materialized in the physical world.

The prophecies stretch their predictions from around 600 BC and up to our time and even further. Their remarkable fulfillment in recorded history is clear evidence for the authenticity of the Bible.

If an individual refuses to research what the Bible describes as a proof-test, and is content with criticizing without knowledge cannot be taken seriously.

During and after the reformation in 1517 the Catholic church did all it could to stamp out and eradicate the knowledge about the prophecies because they expose the papacy as a traitor predicted to arise inside the Christian church and try to destroy it from within. When they failed to eradicate the knowledge by brutal force and censorship, they tried another strategy: They changed the interpretation and by taking control over the protestant universities in Europe they were gradually able to introduce a new interpretation that didn’t expose them.

This is one of the major subjects on Historien om igen: To re-open and make known again the protestant interpretation of biblical prophecy as it were in the beginning, so you can see the gigantic historic fraud that has been pulled down over our heads.

and major evidence for the authenticity of the whole Bible.

As a matter of fact, I claim that an individual who gives the necessary amount of time the study of the prophecies in relation to written history will have a mindboggling and nagging question in their mind: “How did this come about? How on earth could these authors of the Bible know it?”