Agenda 2030 and the WWF

This is how the UN Agenda 2030 will “preserve the land” – goal number 15:

Chasing indigenous people away from their lands in the name of environmental development. Kill them if necessary!

WWF stands for the World Wide Fund for Nature. Everyone knows its famous logo of a Panda.

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But did you know that WWF is a front organization for chasing indigenous people out of their lands so it can be used for wildlife parks? Did you know that WWF are cooperating with violent groups of local “park rangers” who are in reality functioning as a military force to kick people out? They destroy their houses, rape the women and children, beat up and kill people.


The Guardian: WWF accused of funding guards who ‘tortured and killed scores of people’

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VIdeo, Corbett Report: AA Urbanism : Agenda 2030 – What is Sustainable Development : Corbett Report (cirka tidskode: 43:00)

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