In this video, I will pick out one single argument among many others why I believe there has never been a man on the moon and that the televised transmission to the whole world from the supposedly Apollo 9 moon journey was filmed in a studio on a camera rig with a big model of the moon as a backdrop. All of it recorded here on earth.

At the end of the video, I will give you a hint to why they created such a gigantic fake event why the needed to manipulate the whole world into believing that NASA sent three men to the moon in 1969. Why did they do it? There is a good explanation. But to understand it you have to know a bit of background history first about the real Cold War and also the history of the communist revolution in Russia in 1917. It was here it all began.

The true story about the communist revolution has never been told to a broader public even though it has been well known for decades and thoroughly documented by a very acknowledged historian and researcher Antony C. Sutton from the Hoover Institute, Stanford University, California.

When first you see THE BIG PICTURE it will be clear for you that all the fuzz and debate about whether we have on the moon or not is actually just part of a carefully planned distraction to keep you away from embracing the BIG PICTURE. I don’t say that the truther movement is corrupted. Not at all. But I think there are some who has done what they could to derail and lead people into a less important way. The theory about the false moon landing could very well be what they call a “limited hangout”.

A limited hangout is, according to former CIA special assistant Victor Marchetti, a “spy jargon. When clandestine operations cannot fully be kept secret and they can no longer rely on a phony cover story to misinform the public, they resort to admitting some of the truth. But at the same time they use it to direct the public attention in a wrong direction. The public is so intrigued by the new information – the limited hangout – that it never thinks to pursue the matter further. And that is the case here: The BIG PICTURE, the REAL conspiracy is not the moon landing hoax but the story that led to the cold war and the possibility to shape the world into another model THANKS to the Cold War.

But the BIG PICTURE is too big a mouthful to serve you in one bite. This video is a stepping stone for you to jump to the “next level” so to speak.


But now, I will give you ONE of my arguments why I believe we have never been on the moon. There are MANY more arguments, but I will refer you to a good video that explains much more. Remember: This video is ONLY a stepping stone to the BIG PICTURE!

[Image: Lunar Module flying over the moon] In this original video clip, we see the Apollo 9 lunar module detached from the main rocket and now it is approaching the surface of the moon searching for a place to land. Or rather…that is what we are TOLD we are seeing!

We are also told that the lunar module is equipped with a 10.000 thrust rocket engine. Thrust doesn’t mean much to me. But to compare it is MUCH more than a lawnmower and a car engine. I think you could compare it to a jet engine on an airplane. A powerful engine.

When the Lunar module came closer to the surface of the moon it slowed down its speed by starting the rocket engine and spewing out masses of burning jet gasses.

And here is my problem: During the touch down the rocket engine should have created enormous dust clouds and even a crater. The lunar module should have been totally covered in a thick layer of dust. It would have been a totally grey, dull, lifeless kind of sculpture.

But what are we seeing? A completely shiny thing that looks like it has been just pressed out of a form from the factory.

So even though the gravity on the moon is only 1/6 of the earths they used a rocket engine on this sice (vi billede). It is 90,5 inch long (or 2,3 meters) with a diameter on 59 inches or 1,5 meter. That’s quite a big one!

The engine was supposedly used in a completely air free outer space. So some people might question how an engine can at all work in outer space where there is no air to be pushed back in order to create the motion forward. But this is not how it works.

Look at it this way: When a cannon is fired there is a push in the opposite direction. It is called recoil. The exact same thing would happen if you fired the canon in outer space.

But what about the rocket engine? Here it is alle the jet fuel that works as millions of tiny small cannonballs that are fired with great force out of the engine. It is the recoil that makes the rocket move forward.

So Isaac Newtons third law of motion works every where…also in space!

That’s a BIIIIG one, as you can see in this photo. When this motor is started an enourmous power of energy is blasted out, and that energy works the same way as a jetplanes motor.

In this video clip you see a jet plane motor.

Many will claim that there will be no dust whirled up from the surface becauce there is no air. The claim is that the blast from the rocket could only create an enormous dust cloud if there was air present to blow down on the surface. But that is a wrong conclusion. A rocket engine can work in a complete vacuum with no air and no gravity.

Newtons 3. law says that “for every action, there is a reaction. The action is the enormous energy pushed out through the rocket engine on the lunar module. The RE-action is the lunar module moving in the opposite direction than.