Forordet nedenfor er ment som inspiration. Teksten er tyvstjålet fra bogen A Beginner’s View of Our Electric Universe. Der er MASSER af flere gode formuleringer som kan passe perfekt til mit emne omkring religion og historie. Så læs hans forord igen!!!

From start to finish the content is intended to have a logical flow and to make sense as an introduction to a very large subject area that I do not have the knowledge and skill to address in full detail. I invite you, therefore, to view this offering as a doorway, one which I hope you go through to find a more detailed, incredibly fascinating and challenging body of information that has relevance for us all – not only in this life but in the life to come.

To those of you who know much more than I do about these subjects, I apologize in advance for the summary nature, absence of supporting scientific descriptions and copious references to peer-reviewed sources – these things are not necessary for the purpose of this introductory book. I feel the most important thing is to engage the interest of members of the public who are motivated to understand more, some of whom may already have suspicions about what Astro-science has been telling us.

This is not a complete guide to how our universe works, for that is far too broad and deep a subject for me ever to tackle. Instead, what I offer is a readable summary that restricts itself only to major aspects of theories that support two different points of view. This is necessary for the objectives of the book, two of these being: to turn a spotlight on assumptions that lie behind the story of our universe that we have already been given by Astro science, ‘a story now judged by many as incomplete or incorrect,’ and then; to describe a much more obvious, sensible and logical set of theories that are making great headway in terms of providing clarity for those who
study them. I will expand on these theories not just through my own opinion but from the work of highly qualified scientists, science authors, and independent researchers. In doing this I hope to educate, entertain and surprise the reader, and of course, provide food for further thought.

I understand the devotion of scientists to defend their dedication to the theories they choose to support. I am not able to argue against the complicated mathematics and detailed scientific ‘evidence’ they are no doubt capable of putting on the table. I am simply attempting to present in
this book my own interpretation of the work done and conclusions reached so far by professional scientists and researchers who have obviously found substantial reason to put their names and reputations on the line by
supporting the EU model.

We have all experienced situations where we know we are being spun a yarn but have felt we could not or should not say anything due to either a lack of detailed knowledge, a lack of confidence, or perhaps through some misplaced feeling of respect for those presenting the information

My desire is not to debate this with those who need mathematical or scientific proofs, for these aspects are well covered by those from whose work I have drawn together my thoughts and interpretations. What I present is one lay person’s view of what really seems to be going on, and I will leave the defense of the supporting detail to those science workers and other well-educated supporters of the EU model who are far better equipped than I am to explain that detail. What I intend as a thinking non-professional, is to point out what I consider to be the stark common sense and logical differences between the questionable ‘facts’ the mainstream has so far presented us with, and what the more credible EU model reveals and explains through its theories. The final judgment on this I am content to leave to you, the reader.

As for my credentials, I have no academic achievements to parade for anyone to inspect.