How the New York Times helped Fidel Castro to power in Cuba

Citater taget fra Wiki-artikel om Herbert Lionel Matthews

Herbert Lionel Matthews (January 10, 1900 – July 30, 1977) was a reporter and editorialist[1] for The New York Times.

Throughout 1959, Matthews visited Cuba several times and constantly continued to deny that Castro was a Communist. He claimed that Castro’s revolution itself was not inherently Communist, and that Castro simply wanted a full-blown social revolution. One of Matthews’ most famous statements concerning Castro was made on 5 July 1959, and he stated that:

There are no Reds in the Cabinet and none in high positions in the Government or army in the sense of being able to control either governmental or defense policies. The only power worth considering in Cuba is in the hands of the Premier Castro, who is not only not Communist but decidedly anti-Communist…

The conservative National Review published a caricature of Castro with the caption, “I got my job through the New York Times,” parodying a contemporary campaign for the newspaper’s classified ad section.