History seen through the glasses of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation

If we look at modern history in the light of the moral, religious, political and ideologic controversy that emerged in Europe in the 1500s because of the Reformation, then we can understand what is actually the reasons for many of the many events in the last 150 years.

Behind the modern day political and ideologic surface there is a deeply rooted religious controversy between Protestantism and Catholicism.

Today this is not known to many. This is because of modern

then everything that happens in the world of today becomes very clear. The controversy was out in the open in the beginning, but it later was hidden away because historians chose to explain history seen with a secular mindset and method of interpretation.

which dates back to the time when Europe was split into two: A catholic and a protestant part –

. Even the United States was formed in this controversy, and it was a very well known that the fate of Europe and the United States was dependent on who of the tho ideologies prevailed.

which is how all secular news media and secular historians interpret and explain modern historical events

We have to look through the political rhetoric surface

after the newly formed protestant nations became a threat against the old papal order, the European power structure formed by the medieval papacy, then everything seems logic

In the 1500s the Reformation came. It turned the power balance in Europe nearly upside down.  The protestant nations freed themselves from the iron fist on the Catholic church – both religiously and politically. The papacy who ruled Europe was given a major blow. This grandiose medieval power was taken by surprise that the reformers could have such an impact on the people of Europe. The masterminds behind the enormous influence and power of the Catholic church through centuries didn’t foresee the role of the new technical invention: The printing press. The printing press he former times equivalent to our days’ Internet.). Information became free and could spread very rapidly. The Papacy found a completely new strategy to win back its lost power – both politically and spiritually. This war against the free nations became known as the counter-reformation.

If the modern day History is seen through the glasses of this ongoing controversy that has been fought secretely since the 1500´s everything we have experinced since then is now crystal clear why the happend.

These great historical events can be clearly understood when seen in the light of this strife:

  • The communist revolution
  • The 1. And 2. Worldwar
  • The Cold War
  • The creation of EU and the gradual taken away of soveriegnty
  • The United States countless regime-change operations from democracy to totalitarian regimes.