Fact or interpretation?

Many times we hear the experts tell us that it is not so often the facts they argue about. It is more often the interpretation of information from official sources that can cause disagreements. I claim that in most cases if importance it is actually the facts which have been distorted and manipulated. Many times we are actually being prevented to know the facts because the information we have access later is revealed to be complete fabrications that fits a narrative

In 1953 the CIA secretly toppled the democratically elected prime minister of Iran, Mohammed Mossadegh. government. Is that a fact or an interpretation of what happened in Iran 1953? Its a fact. The whole world was at that time being told that there had been a public revolution in Iran against their “communist dictator”. Is that a historical fact or an interpretation of what happened back then? It is a fact. The CIA did it because the wanted to prevent Mossadegh in nationalizing Iranian oil and also prevent the country from developing into democracy? Is that a fact or an interpretation? It is an interpretation. Is then a fact or an interpretation that the CIA replaced Mossadegh with a dictator who was pro-American? A fact.