Bolshevik Revolution

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The mainstream history narrative about the bolshevik revolution is that it was a popular uprising among the poor peasants led by Vladimir Lening against a suppressive Zarist regime. This is only true in the same sense that the moon landing i 1969 was completed because a space rocket lifted itself from earth and landed on the moon. All the intermediate calculations that explain all the how´s and why´s are left out. If they are put back in the story suddenly becomes very disturbing and releases an unpleasant stench of conspiration. So lets do it:

There was not only one but two revolutions in Russia in 1917. One in February and one in October. The February revolution led to the fall of the Zar and the establishment of a provisional government. The February revolution was a peoples revolution – an uprising from below, and it led to an establishment of a new government which was planning on a more democratic way for the future. This plan was totally destroyed by the October Revolution led by Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin.

The October revolution was not a peoples revolution! It was a US-backed coup in secret alliance with an elite of financial and political internationalists around in Europe. These two revolutionary leaders were both guided and help into Russia from respectively the United States and Germany. Trotsky lived in a very comfortable apartment in New York with a private chauffeur. He was sent by boat and teamed up with Lenin who was came by train – the famous “sealed train” – from Germany. In both cases they were helped, guided, and stuffed with money from the west to financed the revolution.

The story is crazy when you think about it. It totally contradicts all logic if the mainstream story about the first world war should be true. A little bit of background knowledge will help:

We are in 1917. The first world war is in full swing between Germany and Great Britain. Now Trotsky leaves New York on a boat with an American passport and pockets full of gold. In Quebek, Canada the boat is stopped and Trotsky and his ten revolutionaries are put in custody. The Canadienas knew what mission Trotsky was on. But Brithis oficials gives strict order to let him continue his journaey. Parallel to this insidence German

They knew

Lenin was guided in

How can this be possible? Haven´t we always heard that capitalism and communism are sworn enemies and are as far from each other as black is from white?

Before the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, Tsarist Russia enjoyed the highest rate of industrial growth in the world, and by 1913 was overtaking France as the world’s fourth industrial power.

Russian historian and political scientist of Hungarian origin, the late Professor Tibor Szamuely, a former Red Army veteran imprisoned by Stalin, and a former Vice-Rector of Budapest University and Lecturer in Politics at Reading University until his untimely death in 1971, writes in his pamphlet, Communism and Freedom, published (September 1969):

“Few people in the West realise to what extent before the Revolution, in the early years of the 20th century, Tsarist Russia had full freedom of the press—no censorship: even Bolshevik papers and books were freely printed—full freedom of foreign travel, independent trade unions, independent courts, trial by jury, a fairly advanced system of social legislation, etc. Tsarist Russia had a parliament, a Dumawith MPs elected from various parties, including the Bolsheviks. This was not a full parliament in the English sense of the word (the executive was not responsible to parliament), but today, on the whole, pre-revolutionary Russia would be regarded as a model democracy, and compared to most of the hundred and twenty-odd countries inhabiting the United Nations Organisation, one of the fifteen or twenty most liberal states in the world.”

After the revolution everything turned bad.


John Spritzler: The U.S. Armed the Soviet Union During the ‘Cold War’