Noam Chomsky: The Educational System Is Designed to Dumbing Down Students

What is education? A definition:
“A couple of smart guys will decide what the great thoughts are and every student will memorize them. That’s a way to turn people into pure automata”.

Chomsky: I quote the Trilateral Commissions view of the educational system. Namely, it’s a system of indoctrination of the young. And I think that is correct…So the educational system is supposed to train people to be obedient, conformist, not think too much, do what you are told, stay passive, dont cause any crisis of democracy, dont raise any questions…and so on”.

Chomsky: It all about “selection for obedience”

Torben: The educational system trains young people to conformity by testing them again and again. Testing is a way of forming the pupil into a certain way of perceiving life. The system offers one right answer – or if there is a variation it is still contained in the same given framework. Learn to answer “right” out of three options, is the way it works. The system is not meant to create any interest in the subject and indeed not questioning the consensus narrative. It only creates interest in getting the right answer, passing the test and go on to the next level. “Filling out the boxes with the right answers” is the way to get a position in society, earn money and live life. If you start to question the system and think there could be different questions that would generate different answers and therefore generate a different culture with completely different individuals and social structures, you are not welcome in the education system. You are not able to go through the system.

Chomsky: The educational system is designed to impose authority. “Here is the great thoughts. Just learn those and you are okay. All the other stuff is just rubbish. I will pick them – you will memorize them. That is basically the line. And of course, that is the opposite of education. That’s the way you study Talmud

Noam Chomsky says in this video that the educational system is a system that is designed to make people conform, copy-paste, just believe the narrative you are told. In short: It is a system that creates brain-washed people. Chomsky says that there is no need for innovation and creativity in for example history: “Profits aren’t made by historians having original ideas about the French revolution. So they can have conventional ideas. And that means that the pressure to support innovation and freedom is much is much less, and the pressure for conformity, on the other hand, is much greater because in the ideological subjects it begins to be dangerous if people think their own thoughts. It is not so dangerous if they have their own ideas about physics”