Darwinism and inhumane false science

War is not a result of “the uncontrolled anger of the masses”. This idea came from Freud, who had the idea that mankind is largely dominated by unconcious sexual desires inside and that these powers had to be put under control somehow because if not, they can lead to a release of very destructive powers resulting in wars like the first and second world war. But this is wrong. The two world wars were a direct result of very careful strategic planning by the rulers and collaboration with big business. In both cases, it was the men in politics and economic power, and behind the scene also some religious powers that wanted war. But the people did not like war. Who wants to lose his life on a battlefield in a foreign country fighting men you don’t know? Who wants to lose his husband? So in order to make people want to go to war, the rulers had to create a tense and fearful condition. Wars are not the people’s desire, they have no desire to fight unless they are seriously threatened. So that is what the leaders did: They created a gigantic propaganda program where they painted an image of the ideology or the nation they wanted to war against. They scared their own people until they were ready to go leave their safe homes. They were betrayed to go to war and fight against their own desires.

And then a guy like Freud comes along and hypothesized that war is the result of unleashed destructive forces in the human mind. This idea had its basis in Darwinism. Biological evolutionism was the root foundation of the early history of psychoanalysis.

“Evolution is definable as a change from an incoherent homogeneity to a coherent heterogeneity, accompanying the dissipation of motion and integration of matter.” (Spencer, 1915: 291)……..Ts kommentar: Universet er udviklet fra Big Bangs usammenhængende homogenitet [en homogen masse af energi og partikler som ingenting er i sig selv] til en sammenhængende heterogenitet [hetorogenitet betyder modsatrettedhed]