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There is more to the story than oil, gas and political and economic control. I guess we all agree in this forum that the deep state power in the United States is deceiving the whole world and that it has been going on since at least the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. Some believe it is a military-industrial complex. Some believe it is a group of tightly knit families (Rockefeller, Rothchild etc). Some believe it is a Zionist conspiracy. Some believe it is a sort of semi-occult conspiracy like the Skull and Bones.

But let me give you another angle on it that is not so common these days in the truther movement. I believe that what we see today is a continuation of something that emanated in Europe in the 1500s. At that time the papacy was at the brink of losing all its control in Europe. An economic and political control which was based on a religious foundation. All aspects of its control were at risk of totally crumbling during the 1500s. It was – in medieval terms – a global superpower that was being undermined by the message coming from the protestant reformers. The papacy did not give up its power without a fight. It brought in to play a secret army:  The Jesuit order. And that order infiltrated all institutions and aimed especially to conquer the American colonies to use it as a base for winning back global control. Global control in modern terms literally means control over the whole face of the earth.

The Jesuit set foot on American soil in the beginning of the 1600s. At that time protestant Christians knew what they came for. The Jesuits were tremendously feared in the American colonies and hated all over the newly formed protestant nations. They were banned by law. They could have no seat in public institutions or in government. And for good reason: They were infiltrating governments, protestant churches, schools and universities under the guise of protestant teachers, book printers, priests, diplomats and all sorts of trades. Several times they were kicked out of countries where they were discovered as secret agents for the pope. Their evil deeds were many. They tried to instigate wars between nations, assassinate kings, and fire a flame among the people for revolution. All the same strategies as we see the modern-day conspirators use today and have used for decades. We all know about CIAs secret coup d´etat in Iran 1953 and one year later the same in Guatemala. And all these regime-change operations still goes on and on today. Now in Syria.

Many independent truthers like for example James Corbett believes that we – the people – still have a chance to stop the global tyranny to be fully implemented. I have learned so much from James Corbett, but there is one thing that I truly believe he is overlooking. And that is to bring his world view back to the reformation. If he did that he would see from were the modern day deep state in United States had its beginning.

Yhere are two aspects we need to know in order to really see the true goal of the American deep syaye conspiracy: One is the reformation with focus on the catholic, jesuit counter reformation. This side is often distorted by modern historians or totally missing. And that is no coincidence, as you will see later. The other aspect is a historical timeline prophecy in the Bible that completely exposes the United States in its detailed prediction that a conspiracy to recreate the papacy in a modern age, technocratic edition would spring up exactly in the United States – beginning shortly after the papal fall in 1798 when Napoleons general Berchier went into Rome and de-throned the pope and took him as a prisoner.