A message to the global truther community

For 15 years I have been reading tons of books and watched brilliant, clever people exposing the evil globalists, the Bilderbergers, the Rockefeller institutions the CIA and its countless front organizations, etc, etc. But not a single millimeter have they managed to move the course of history away from the globalists end-goal: To create a one-world, totalitarian, technocratic, collectivist state-apparatus-regime with fanatic religious overtones. For many years they have exposed the soon-coming global system where every single bit of the principles of individual freedom will be completely abolished – of sheer necessity and emergency, of course – in order to save the planet from THEIR own orchestrated chaos caused by THEIR alleged assertion of manmade climate change, THEIR deliberately created third-world nations living in deep poverty, THEIR controlled communism and Islamic terror groups, and THEIR fabricated economic meltdowns and global pandemics which strikes so hard and wide because the world’s populations have been lured into obeying a THEIR medical system which builds on poisonous, synthetic, white powders called “medicine” and THEIR vaccines full of heavy metals injected into defenseless bodies, and THEIR factory food system that produces a ton of nutritional-derived, chemically pumped substances called “food” that rubs what is left of OUR natural immune defense.

Don’t get me wrong: I love all these clever presentations that expose the evil movers and shakers behind the scene who are pulling the strings. They have revealed that the world’s biggest events in the last 200 years of history are not what we are told to believe – natural development and various chain reactions in world affairs out of human control – but the result of carefully planned strategies where millions of people are lured into sacrificing their lives based on THEUR cleverly designed propaganda: For the course of individual freedom and the survival of the democratic nations of the world.

But to no avail have they worked and spoken because nothing has changed! It is to be compared with a group of mice attacking a gigantic elephant steadily and calmly trampling down the field they live in and by.

I can tell you now: NOBODY can stop it from coming! The world is heading towards the fulfillment of the a most vicious plan in the history of the world.

So therefor let my suggest that there most be found another motive than exposing evil powers in order to stop it and thereby create a better world.