The White Helmets in Syria: A US propaganda tool

In this article, I will explain how the big commercial western news media since the 1950s and up until this very day systematically are being used by the CIA to massively implant and fixate a completely fabricated, false idea in peoples mind about what is really going on in the world and why the United States has to involve us and themselves in countless regime changes around the globe.

For example it is my claim that the people in the Westen countries are being massively lied to about the real truth about the war going on in Syria. In the mainstream media, the Syrian President Assad is portrayed as a brutal, tyrannical dictator who is bombing, gassing and executing his own people. There is zero evidence. Infact there is evidence that the killings and bombings on civilians are carried out by the US-backed islamic groups operating inside Syria. You see, the Syrian government is secular. It doesnt favor sudden religious groups. Christians and Muslims of all groupings are protected by the Assad government. But the US-backed rebel groups in Syria falsely claim that Assad is a tyran. In order to gain international support they terrorize civil people under cover of being government army solidiers. They only protect their own “tribes” but a litteral mass murder on religious gruops who differ from them. But why do the United States arm and support these rebel groups? And how can the western medie bring this massive lie.

For what reason should he do it?

I believe this is a lie planted by the CIA and other CIA front organizations in the Western media in order to create a pretext for the United States to utterly destroy Syria and gain total control with the oil.

History is loaded with proof that the CIA has done it for decades during the Cold War from 1950-1990. The CIA has even admitted it themselves. And it is going on right now.

Some of the commercial news media have been infiltrated, some are voluntarily cooperating, some have CIA agents working as editors and journalists, some media houses are in reality CIA front organizations. This is not new to anyone who has been studying the history of the CIA. But it seems like the majority of the populations in the western world are still so manipulated into a passive state of mind, that the walk in a kind of sleep and never question what is being told in the mainstream news.

It is important to know the truth about Syria because the war has a very direct effect on all the nations of Europe. The war has created the largest flow of refugees into Europe since the second world war. This war also contributes to countless public debates in Europe about the problem with refugees from Islamic countries. It contributes to creating anti-Islamic hatred among the people in Europe. It contributes to separate. It indirectly contributes to split the people of Europe into groups who tend to think in only black or white solutions. It contributes to intensify religious motivated hatress and pave the way for hate-speech rhetoric both on social media, on tv and among politicians. This article will explain how the international large scale challenges are caused directly by the United States as an imperialistic strategy to control the whole world.

So the fabrication of the most dangerous form of fake news is created by the CIA and spread to the whole world through the all the largest commercial news-media companies.

The mainstream media are tools for spreading the idea that a global enemy is threatening world peace. But this alleged enemy is financed, created and controlled directly and indirectly by the CIA in order to justify invasions, sanctions, coup d´etats, overthrows of democratically elected governments and support of regime-change and revolutions. All done in the holy name of “saving freedom and democracy” and for the safety of “the common people” against alleged “evil totalitarian dictators“.

planting false

In 1953 the CIA performed in deep secrecy a coup d´etat in the democratic government of Iran. The CIA had infiltrated Western news media both in Europa and the United States and planted a false story about what was going on in Iran. The story that the CIA planted in the western media was that the Iranian people wanted what we today call “regime change” because the premier minister Mohammad Mossadegh was a pro-Soviet communist. Remember, in the 1950s the global enemy was not called “radical Islam” but called communism. This lie was believed for over 60 years. But in 2012 CIA’s own detailed reports from the coup were released and the truth was out in the open.

But it seems like the mainstream media has been playing the exact same role as propaganda-tool for CIA’s regime-change-fake-revolutions in nations all over the world ever since the Cold War. And right now it is Syria where CIA backed terror-groups kill thousands and thousands of civilians while the western brings the lie that it is there “terror regime led by “the brutal president Assad” that execute, and gas and bombs his own people into oblivion.


to fabricate a false narrative about

Since the coup d´etat in Iran in 1953, the CIA has used more or less the same strategy and false narrative or let’s say the same false narrative or blueprint for destroying countless free nations all around the world. The same strategy is now used in Syria. The blueprint goes like this:

Begin by infiltrating the country you want to topple. Sent in special forces and agents in civil.
Bribe groups of street mobs to pretend to be pro-government “freedom fighters”.
Make them create terror and unrest in the streets among the civilian people and make them shout slogans like “long live the president” so it is clear to all who they supposedly support.
CIA-reporters documents the terror and brings a fabricated narrative to the western media -news reporters. The CIA choose some reporters who get the good insider news. And the write articles with absolutely no idea that the are being used. Other journalists and news editors are not real. They are CIA agents. And some news media work closely together with the CIA in creating this false narrative.
CIA plants these false stories in the western media. Some media unknowingly swollow the lie. Others are knowingly playing the game of spreading the fake news propaganda. CIA have their own editors and “journalists” in news media in the West. Stories about this terror are written in a narrative that demonizes the government the US wants to topple. The government is only described as “the regime”.
Images of staged and real terror and demonstrations are released in Western media.
Anti-regime street mobs are established on the CIA payroll. They are portrayed in the Western media as “freedom fighters”. They through bombs against government buildings.
All this creates total unrest and destabilisation of society. It makes the people of the country confused about the governments ability to keep order and control in society. This is the goal for CIA: To turn the public opinion against the government.
By countless propaganda articles in the Western media, a narrative is fabricated that is believed as plain truth. The western media plays a crucial role in manufacturing consent.
Now the US-regime-change-machine has now a pretext for an invasion that the West if not directly supports then the understand and argue the same narrative: “This dictator has killed his own people…he has to go…so even though the United States is a crazy nation with a crazy president, we understand why they do it” etc…etc…

CIA´s secret coup détat against the democratically elected government in Iran, 1953 is a very important historical event to know about because it has been totally exposed and openly admitted from the CIA that they were behind the coup. The documents are so revealing and informative because they describe in detail how the CIA planned it and performed did it. They reveal a strategy that has been used as blueprint ever sinze for countless regime change operations. And this blueprint is now used in Syria.

For 60 years it was completely unknown to the public in the West that the coup d´etat in Iran was totally planned and performed by the CIA. Until 2012 it was thought to be an Iranian revolution by the people against a pro-Soviet, communist dictator. How was this story fabricated and planted so effectively in the Western public mind and the western narrative about Iran? The answer is that the CIA had complete control over what news media and how they were angled in the Western media already from in the 1950s.

. In 2012 the CIA documents were released. I googled articles from the 1950´to see what kind of propaganda-technique the CIA used in media in order to demonize the Iranian government. The global threat at that time was neither Islam nor climate change but communism. So the propaganda-technique was to create a fake narrative that the Iranian prime-minister. Mohammed Mossadegh was a pro-Soviet communist. A complete fabrication! The people in the West was easily fooled to believe the narrative because Iran was very far away at that time and there was no alternative media coverage. The commercial news media had good times back then.

allegedly – påstede (to allege – at påstå
Suposedly – antagelige (supose – at antage)