The World Bank and the UN agenda 2030: How to stop poverty

One of the UN 2030 goals is to stop poverty all around the globe. How? The UN has a paper that explains how. The World Bank and the IMF are mentioned several times. The World Bank’s most recent stated goal is the reduction of poverty. (Wiki). But the history of the World Bank is the opposite. It has granted loans for 3. world countries and brought them into depth. But more than that. The countries they granted loans were pro-American dictatorships! These dictators were most often put to power by the CIA. They destroyed growing democratic governments all over the world in 3. world countries during the Cold War. When the infrastructure was totally destroyed the World Bank came in as the “savior”. At least that is what we have been told in mainstream media.

Professor and Director of the Equality Development and Globalization Studies program (EDGS), Jeffery Winters says:

The World Bank presents itself as an economic development agency focused on the reduction of poverty but in fact the bank operated during the entire Cold War as an institution that distributed resources to mostly authoritarianregimes in the third world that supported the West in the Cold War.

The New Rulers of the World (John Pilger)

the World Bank says its aim is to help poor people promoting what it calls global development. It’s an ingenious system a kind of socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor. The rich get richer on running up debt cheap labour and paying as little tax as possible while the poor get poorer as their jobs and public services are cut back in order to pay just the interest on debt owed by their governments to the World Bank


So to believe that the same corrupt institution now has declared to the world that it – once again – will take the role “reduce poverty” and even bring it to a stop, is very naive. Actually I believe that the UN goal to “stop poverty” will bring the ordinary people of all nations directly into depth and poverty!

Artikel: World Bank, IMF turned poor Third World nations into loan addicts

IMF writes on the own website:

Moving the Money to Finance the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Our priority is to support countries in sharply reducing their use of fossil fuels, so we can limit global warming…

This means “all hands on deck” in terms of policies, including smarter regulations, scaling up green energy investment, and rethinking fiscal policies.

That is why the IMF, the UN, and others will continue to work in partnership, with a renewed commitment to a simple idea: giving everyone a fair chance to thrive.

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