Stephen Kinzer about the Dulles brothers

Kinzer’s main thesis is that the Dulles brothers had a LOT of power during the Cold War. His focus is that these two brothers basically ran the American foreign policy (overt and covert). I don’t buy into that narrative! In fact, the two brothers are only interesting – not because of their individual power but because they show us what actually happened during the Cold War behind the scenes. The Dulles brothers were only visible front figures in a large scale hidden conspiracy.

The Grandfather of the Dulles brothers, John W. Foster, was Secretary of State in the 1890s. He was the American Secretary of State to preside over the first American overthrow of a foreign government – Hawaii 1893. Also their uncle Robert lansing was Secretaty of State. That in it self is interesting. How could one family have so much access to power?

Stephen Kinzer, “The Brothers” | Talks at Google