The globalist pattern to control the 3. world countries

Since the beginning of the cold war in the 1950s and up until this very day the CIA have used more or less the same blueprint to destroy countless free, democratic countries all over the world, often by secretly toppling their governments, killing or deporting their democratic leaders and replacing them with US-subordinate puppet dictators. Regime Change is the term used today.

Below I will first outline some of the most common steps in the blueprint for regime change used by the secret power elite in the West. Thereafter I will show three historic examples of how this regime-change-pattern has been applied to create three different US-controlled dictatorships. The former democratic countries Iran (1953), Guatemala (1954), and Congo (1963). And last but most important I will show you how the conflicts we see today where radical Islam is involved are, in fact, the western power elite that is secretly pulling the strings. The blueprint of regime change used since the beginning is almost the same up until today and it goes like this:


STEP 1: Create an enemy of the west
During the cold war, Communism with the Soviet Union was the main enemy of the west. The Bolshevik communist revolution in Russia in 1917 was not, as were have been told in school a popular uprising of the poor Russian peasants. On the contrary, the Bolshevik revolution was created, controlled and financed by the west. Read the full story.

After the fall of communism (which was also planned to happen), “suddenly”, a new global enemy “popped” up out of nowhere and replaced the old cold war threat from communism. This time it was radical Islam. But as well as with communism radical Islam is also a creation of the secret power structures in the West or at least it is nourished, financed, manipulated and controlled, and is now a tool or vehicle to bring down many sovereign nations in the Middle East, Africa, and South America and to create fear in western societies so they accept more surveillance and give up freedom in return for higher security. This phase is called “Spreading of freedom and democracy to the developing countries”,

STEP 2: Use the enemy to create fear in the West and to destabilize nations which the US wants to take over and control
During the cold war, the fear of a global communist take over was eminent all over the Western countries. Now and then we heard in the news that communism had spread to this and that country. The media painted a scary picture where we all could risk to end up our lives in a grey, concrete reality with no personal freedom, working as slaves in a global communist society.

STEP 3: Brainwash the people through media propaganda
Get control over journalists and editors in the big news media. Use them to plant articles and news stories that the spread of alleged communism threat to convince people that war and destruction of communist countries are necessary to preserve freedom.

STEP 4: Stir up the people and the politicians to take action against the communist threat

STEP 5: Create proxy wars