President Assad: Brutal dictator or the last true moral and intelligent statesmen in the world?

There are always two sides to a story. Especially in a cmplex conflict like the war in Syria. But in the western mainstream media, you only hear one side. And you hear it alot! And that story is that back in 2011 the horrible Syrian regime with President Assad as the dictator crushed a peaceful demonstration against him where several peaceful civilians were killed by the regime snipers. And then shortly after Assad began to war against his own people – men, women, and children. Killing them in most inhumane ways by gassing them and throwing so-called barrel-bombs at them.

This is the one side of the story we hear in the western media about the war in Syria. And they portray Assad is a

But is it right to take that narrative for face value without at least take a little look at the other side? And by “the other side” and listen to how President Assad views the war? By that, I don’t say that you should believe his version and discard the other one.

I believe there is a third version of the story. And that version requires some historical background knowledge.

The two sides are: The rebels believe they are fighting to overthrow a brutal dictatorship. The government believes it is fighting a war against a jihadist threat. Since there’s evidence both are true to an extent, it is the business of journalism to report both sides. I will tell you the story you haven’t heard in the western media.

One theory about the war in Syria: Syria Saudi Arabia who the US in bed with because of the petrodollar wants to overthrow Assad because they (the Arabs) want to send a pipeline through Syria and sell natural gas to Europe. Assad said no because Russia sells most of that natural gas to Eu. And guess what – Saudi Arabia sends a bunch of terrorists into Syria to start killing people. So we (the US and the Saudi aArabia) wants to overthrow the Syrian government so the Arabs can put a pipeline through. And guess who’s helping them? The United States is helping them to overthrow a sovereign nation.

On Youtube, you can find several interviews with the Syrian president Assad made by western journalists. Every time they confront him with the question of why he is bombing and gassing the civil Syrian people, he asks back: Tell the logic. Why should the Syrian military kill its own civilian people? What should be the logic behind that? We need all the support we can get from the Syrian people.

And that is also my question: Why should Assad kill his own people? It is not even his own people who are the enemy of Syria. The enemy consists primarily of foreign mercenaries.

The Cave, is a 2020 documentary produced in Denmark by Kirstine Barfod from the “Danish Documentary”. On danish radio P1 you can listen to an interveiw with her on “Filmland” with Per Juul Carlsen.

Feras Fayyad is the cinematographer behind the documentary. He also made the documentary “Last Men in Aleppo” – about the White Helmets.


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