Gyldendals Leksikon

An interesting but also alarming incident about how the Jesuit Order rewrite history in contemporary encyclopedias to fit their purpose, was some years ago when I was reading in a danish encyclopedia – Gyldendals Leksikon – from 2006. I was so amazed when I was reading about the Jesuit order. How could the article be so positive? Normally it is around half -and-half. But this time it was just over the top. I knew it because I have a habit of looking up “JESUIT ORDER” in Encyclopedias from many countries and many editions and time periods. And I can tell you that what is written about them is gradually changing frem very, very negative to more and more positive. But this time it was just too much, so I got suspicious and checked who the author for this specific article was. And indeed!!!….it was a Jesuit.

The history is being slowly re-written while we are sleeping. In 25 years the next generation has NO clue that the Jesuit Order has once been termed the most malevolent and sinister, secret organization on planet earth – created to infiltrate free nations and instigate conflict and war in order to put the Catholic Church back in its former power which was lost because of the Reformation.

PS: Screenshots from the Danish Encyclopedia will come soon!