CLIMATE CHANGE: The agenda to deceive the world…again

Today we see some of the greatest powers in the world telling us in sweet sugar-coated language that they will go in front for humanity to save the world from collapse caused by manmade climate change and international terror. Some of these organisations is the World Bank, the IMF, the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations. They support the United Nations 2030 Agenda and its 17 goals to bring all war and suffering in the world to an end.

This plan is allegedly a plan that “we the peoples of the world” shall carry out. But behind the agenda are big corporations, big foundations, semi-secret organizations, politicians, government officials and diplomats who are bound together across their public announcements of political ideologies, in societies and organizations we seldom hear of in the media: The Council of Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, Bilderberg, Skull & Bones, the Sovereign Order of Malta (SMOM), the Jesuit Order, and many others. In these organizations, plans are laid out for the global structure of the future. So the UN Agenda 2030 plan is not a “peoples plan”. It is the big corps and big government and never-heard-of-organisations plan. But they make it appear to us through their public relations campaigns as a plan that we, the people – are crying for. And in a way that is also true, but there is more to the story.

“We want change”, is the slogan that the young people today are deceived to shout against our governments and the global planners. At the forefront, we have the poor little Greta Thunberg, totally used as a puppet for the BIG CORPS agenda. This little girl has no idea about who the world planners have in mind and that she is just deceived even by her own parents.

The global planners smile when people shout “We want change” and in a friendly tone they reply: “Don’t worry…WE will provide change, WE will finance change, WE will support your claims. Together we will change the world”. What the gobalist planners dont tell is that they apply completely different meanings to the words they use than you think. Words like “global village“, “global governance“, “world order” and “change” means something very different than you think. A little knowledge about history will reveal to you that what they really believe in. It reveals that the UN 2030 Agenda is the biggest fraud the world has ever seen.

Therefore let’s go back to the end of World War II to take a look at the historical evidence for how the same global planners at that time changed the structure of the world by bringing endless conflict and misery and fraud and terror into play.

The Cold War: Blueprint for global enslavement

This is the weirdest and most unbelievable story I guess you will ever hear about the Cold War from the 1950s to around 1990. During 10 years of research into this period of history it became clear to me that even though it sounds like an insane plan and an impossible task to complete, it actually did happen! And what was the plan?

The strategy was to foment revolutions, raize people against people, instigate ethnic and religious disputes ending in blood baths, distabilize countless third world economies, bankrupt nations by inexpensive developing bank loans, create chaos and terror in societies by bribing street mobs and train “freedom fighters”, create threats and enemies all over the world, they could steer history towards a predetermined goal: A globalized One World Government. This sounds nearly too crazy to be true, right. But if you read on the historical evidence is clear that this is exactly what was done.

The planners were fully aware that a new global structure – a One World Order – could never be achieved without public consent. But they also knew that if their plan was openly laid out then nobody would accept it because, as described, people have a natural tendency to identify them selves with relatively small groups with more or less the same mindset rather than a gigantic, alienated global structure. The planners, therefore, used what has been called a Hegelian strategy, to implement their goals. This strategy is to provoke two entities into conflict with each other and thereby create a condition that scares and threats the people involved so much that they cry to the international community for help – “WE WANT CHANGE”. Then the planners – through their many influential front-organizations (and philanthropic foundations) step forward on the scene and offers the suffering people their predetermined solution which they had already planned long ago but which the public would never have accepted unless as an indispensable solution to an otherwise permanent catastrophic situation. The two confronting entities are in Hegelian theory also termed thesis and antithesis and the end the predetermined result that the planners from the beginning wanted to bring about from is called the synthetis.

In order to gain a platform for the countless wars during the Cold War, the planners needed one global enemy. And that became communism. Communisme was the perfect enemy of freedom and happiness in the capitalist west. But as we shall see now the planners financed and encouraged the growths of both ideologies and controlled the outcome of the conflict to a significant extent. Communist Russia was an enemy that the planners both financed and controlled. An enemy that could act as a catalyst for social, cultural, political, military and economic change all over the world. The core structure of the western nations had to be changed and none other than a common threat could foster that plan. The plan was to undermine western culture and undermine national sovereignty and implement a global mindset instead of national identity. But this could never happen if the planners openly explained their ideas to the public.

You see globalism is not something that comes naturally. Like the industrial revolution in the 18-1900 hundred, it is only achieved because the most powerful and wealthy people in the world want it so. During the industrial revolution, millions of people were driven from their self-sustainable, independent self-employed business and forced (not by physical but by created circumstances) into giant, dark, unhealthy factories. People at that time called it “slavery”, but they could not prevent this development because the greatest and wealthiest men in the world wanted this development and knew how to manipulate the economy and the politics. Why were people forced to go with their plans? The industrial revolution is often praised as a development that brought western societies into wealth and prosperity. And that is in some ways true. A lot of labor heavy tasks became suddenly very easy. But the deception lied here: Tons of convenient material goods became suddenly cheap. But the goods were not necessary to have, but nice to have. People were deceived by very smart public relations managers to perceive these goods as necessary for a happy life. So the mindset of the new generation was gradually altered away from family values towards identification with materialistic goods as a way to secure a happy life.

So the planners created a market for unnecessary goods, and they created – by advertisement – a new mindset. People had new dreams based on large scale public relations campaigns. But it was all superficial dreams which brought people into an unhappy, insatiable hunt for goods to make them happy. Ofcause we know today that this is the exact same rat race we are formed to believe in today. The industrial revolution was a giant marketing bluff. Millions and other millions of people were lured into the idea that 12-15 hours of repetitive work per day in filthy factories would create a happy life you were dreaming of. The problem was that the dream was not really the workes own dream. It was one that the planners had planted in their minds by very sophisticated social engineering methods, behavioral psychology and the newly invented public relations ideas by Edward Bernays and others. Same today.

The human nature thrives best in relatively small communities, with relatively easily manageable communities and subcultures. It is only by nessesity that people group into large scale unions. Take EU as an example. It only came about as a solution to allegedly prevent a third world war to happen. Same with the United Nations. Only because of global and national conflicts a Uunion between all nations were sugested. Without global conflict no need for a control apparatus that unifies the nations. People and nations tend naturally to group themself in managebela self governing groups where the can oversee the power structures and easily change them if they become corrupted. But gigantic systems, infrastructures, international corporations, and top controlled food and health care systems are not natural to people and moreover, the are impossiple for people to see-through and change. And it becomes even more difficult when these structures also owns and controls the channels of mass communication.

So these giant, global systems only emerge because some want them to happen and because some carefully plan it to happen that way. The world structure in western societies we see today has not come about by some sort of natural evolution. processes. It is planned that way by very intelligent strategic thinkers who aims for a global one world order structure. David Rockefeller, was before his death in 2017, one of the key players through the Rockefeller Foundation in emplementing global governance. An he admits that this has been the plan for a long time and that it is implemented by a conspiracy. In his autobiography Memoir he wrote the following alarming statement:

For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure–one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.

David Rocefeller, Memoir

If you keep on reading you will discover that the Rockefeller Foundation is indeed what it is claimed to be: An organization disguised as a philanthropical and humanitarian organization and by that image is able to penetrate almost all unware institutions to influence especially the young people. This is what we see now in the climate change movement and the UN Agenda 2030 where the Rockefeller Foundation plays a major role to create a new world order with a new kind of structure. Its slogan is “Promoting the well-being of humanity throughout the world”

You will soon discover as you read on that the Rockefeller Foundation has played a major role in fomenting global, supporting revolutionary groups against democratically elected governments and financed threats and global enemies throughout the world as the catalyst for change, as we shall look at now. It even financed the secret CIA infiltration of youth organisations in Europe after WWII in order to create “change”. What kind of change? Wait and see.

The planners knew that they would never be able to implement their “integrated global political and economic structure“, as David Rockefeller termed it unless there was an enemy common to ALL peoples and nations of the world. The drive forward towards the end goal is fostered by endless conflicts controlled on both sides by the planners – what is called “controlled conflict”.

And who was the enemy the created? Communist Russia! Believe it or not, there are plenty of evidence that these capitalist planners both conceived and financed and brought about the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in October 1917. There is plenty of evidence that both Lenin, Trotsky, Marx and Engels and even Stalin were not – as mainstream history wants us to believe – on the side of the Russian people. Lenin and Trotsky – the leaders of the revolution – were both brought from respectively Austria and the United States with lots of money and gold to finance the revolution.

Contrary to common belief no modern revolution can succeed without lots of money and modern weaponry coming from outside assistance. From where did the poor bolshevik workers receive weapons to fight both the Russian White Army, the Green Army (formed by peasants) and several international military forces (American, French, British and Japanese) which were all present at that time in Russia during World War I? Look at a map. Russia is an enormous landmass. These bolsheviks could by no means get control over this gigantic geographical area without outsider technical assistance, weapon and money. And that assistance the got indeed!

The Bolshevik Revolution: A capitalist financed project formed in the west

According to the historian Antony C. Sutton, the American forces did not fight the bolsheviks but on the contrary held the vital Sibirian RAilrod for them so weapons could be brought in to Russia from the West.

Around 30-50 years ago, during the Cold War period, the same power-elites which are today behind countless contemporary front-organizations who work to implement the UN Agendas 17 global goals, promised the western world that they would save it. Save it from what? Who was the global enemy back then?

In the 1950s and up until around 1990, the global enemy was called communism. The whole world was swept in fear of this alleged global enemy. Daily, the newspapers wrote about this “menace of communism” and the Sovjet regime was portrayed in the media as a monster devouring the whole world…if not we, the free world…took action. But there was also a global ecosystem threat during that period. But at that time no one talked about manmade CO2.

The threat to the earth’s ecosystem was at that time called manmade freon. So also at that time the true enemy of “mother earth” as they like to call our planet was mankind. Freon is a chemical substance used in hair sprays and refrigerators etc. This freon was the boogie monster of the 1970s in my childhood. The scientist’s claimed freon caused a hole in the protective atmosphere”. We kids were scared to death by media and we looked up into the sky in hopes of seeing a glimpse of this ozone hole.

But as this story will reveal what happened back then was just the forerunner for what is happening today.

The whole world was completely deceived and millions of people were deliberately brought into slavery and poverty and other millions were brutally killed in the process. These great organizations – the World Bank, the IMF, the United Nations, the Catholic Church, the commercial news media, the CIA and countless philanthropic foundations like the Rockefeller Foundation – were all playing their part in a program that enslaved millions of people, destroyed democracies all over the world and installed dictators who were loyal to globalist ideas. The same organizations who worked at that time behind the scene are today intensively working to “save the planet”…again and again and again…until every corner of the globe has become submissive servants to a global government.

If you believe that these gigantic organizations as strong supporters of the UN 2030 Agenda really have an ambition to save the world and create a free, democratic “global village” without poverty, without hunger and all run on sustainable, clean energy then we urge you to read this pamphlet and become informed about their true agenda. 

Please read this paper and be informed about what really happened during the Cold War and what is really happening tody!

They offerd them low interest rate bank loans and advantageous development assistance. But the money were channeld into something totally different that the people were promised and the west were told. What happend was that these “philantrophic western organizations were creating a gigantic web of systematic deception, fraud and secret overthrows of legal, democratic governments and military invasions. None of what they said was true! But through their colaborato – the mainstream media they were able to convince us of their “high and noble” ambitions. This paper will explain how the did it back then. And when you have seen it, you will realise that what you are witnessing right now is the same thing on a global scale.

Why did the lie to us? What was their true agenda? This paper will reveal it. 

This paper will expose this global scam. To understand it you need to understand the beginning of this scam. Therefore we have to go back to the beginning of the Cold War right after the end of the Second World War.

At that time the global enemy was called “communism”. The big powers went out in the world to free the nations from the menace of communism. The wordings of that time were some of the same they use today: Create democracy, create freedom of oppression, freedom of speech and free all people in the third world from the bondage of slavery, poverty, lack of education created by despotic, communist regimes. These philanthropic foundations and government organisations (political, economic) have today grown into mega conglomerates and have created countless front organizations that are impossible to track back to their origins. They stand in the front as the experienced veterans to solve all the worlds problems before 2030.