What role does the press play in a democracy?

Taken from Soamy Chaudharyf


First category is ‘’Paid Media’’, or Sold out Media houses, that act as mere puppets in the hands of ‘those Ruling in Power’. Their agenda/propaganda is not to represent truth as it is, but in the favor of Majority communities, and so, twist in stories, added sugar-coatings and modifications and editing are pretty much daily routine, and comes, in quite handy!!! Remind you, such media houses, are not ‘Common -People friendly’’, but ‘’Power-Friendly’’. Primary reason, for such type of behavior is ‘’Roots of Funding’’…They are funded by prominent well known faces and personalities/political parties/Legal Jurisdiction…

Second Category is ‘Independent Media’’, that is funded, directly by the genuine, well aware, readers, writers, Contributors , and Common ,Well-Awake people, who aspire, to see the truth as it is, without any twists/editing/Cut-Copy-Paste, Moribund Cycle and Vote, to view and Highlight, Preserve and Protect ‘Truth’’, in it’s raw form… Such media houses, presumably have to be bold in their functioning , as such is the nature, rather ‘’Core Principle’’ of their work..They are basically candid, and ‘’Will tell you that truth, which has /might have been advised to you, to Not Listen Or Pay Attention to’’…In short,, ‘’They Might Reveal Controversial Truths and facts’’, which is why and a prime reason, why their flourishing,nourishing is a bit difficult,tough, courageous and Bold! So, why do independent media houses, sustain like that, because they are not puppets, of those in power, but are rather answerable to the ‘’common People’’, who pay them, for bringing out eternal crux of the matter….taking potential and analyzed risks…

On a concluding note, Both Co-exist simultaneously and latter, acts as firm opponent/counterpart of the former.

Believe me,when i say this, if it wasn’t for the independent Media, you would have never been able to even coin the term ‘democracy’!!! Your conflicts or anything contrary to ‘Popular Belief’ , would have been brutally,barbarically thrashed and voices suppressed.