800 US military bases around the world

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Vox: Why does the US have 800 military bases around the world?

Snippets from the video transcript:

The US has around 800 military bases around the globe. If you combined all the foreign bases that every other nation in the world has outside of its own borders, you get a total of about 30.

Most to these bases cropped up after WWII, when the US set up in places like Germany and Japan to help maintain peace, after an era of intense global war.

Citat fra amerikanske 1945-informations film: “Our task is to supervise this

The Cold War made the US expansion to every corner of the globe imperative to US strategic goals. But even now that the Cold War’s over02:05there’s not a place on Earth that’s not still covered by US military influence.

The idea that US military leadership provides an indispensable stability to the globe is now a fixture of our global strategy and our foreign policy.

[Obama]: “In an uncertain world full of breathtaking change, the one constant is American leadership.”

[Senator Marco Rubio]: “You can’t have stability without American leadership there’s only one nation in the world capable of rallying the freedom-loving people of this planet to confront evil.”

[Hillery Clinton]: “American leadership is not just respected it is required.”

There are 54.000 US troops in Germany!

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