Why did Fidel Castro survive all the CIA’s attempts to assassinate him?

During the Cold War period, the CIA succeeded in neutralizing people around the world who stood in their way. But Fidel Castro – allegedly one of the most dangerous enemies of the United States during the Cold War – escaped several attempts. We are told that Fidel Castro was one of the most dangerous foes to the freedom and security of the United States because communist Cuba was just a stone’s throw away from US territory. So how could Castro avoid every attempts to assassinate him? The answer is simple for them who are familiar with the true power behind the scenes: Fidel Castro was a Jesuit, educated by the Jesuit Order.

Let me explain a little about the Jesuit Order. In the middle of the 1500s, the Catholic Church established a semi-religious order to combat and surrender all nations and bring them back to the church when they were lost during and after the Reformation. This order was the Jesuit Order. It was organized as a military organization. The Jesuits are called “soldiers” for Christ” and their leader named “general”. The Jesuit Order managed to establish itself as political and religious counselors for kings. During the 16th and 17th hundreds, they gained tremendous power in Europe. One of their focusses was on teaching and educating the young. Gradually they gained control of the majority of the prestigious universities in Europe. They worked under a cloak of Christianity and presented themselves as humble teachers. But their secret goal was to destabilize society, undermine political and religious power in the countries where they came in order to bring catholic power back in front with the pope as a god-like king. When they were discovered in protestant countries, they were kicked out of the country or imprisoned and often executed as enemies of the state. Their method was to set nation up against nation and secretly provoke conflict, revolutions, and war. They planned assassinations and worked out overthrows on kings and governments. The Jesuit Order has continued its secret mission until this very day. With great success, they have managed to cover their evil deeds. They are the masterminds behind a global conspiracy against all nations. The way they work is by creating great conflicts where they control both sides. By instigating great fear they can control the populations in a pre-determined direction. On this was what the Cold War was all about.

The Jesuit Order stood behind establishing communism in Russia. Through Wall Street (which the Jesuit controls) money was supplied for the Bolshevik Revolution. By creating communism in Russia, they established an enemy of the West, which they could control for their own purpose. And the purpose was to use the fear of communism in the Western world as a pretext for countless interventions in Third World countries in order to overthrow free and independent political leaders and replace them with pro-American dictators. The method used was to create a red-scare in the West and blame these free and independent leaders in Third World countries for being communist. By doing that they easily convinced everyone in the West that these communists exerted a threat to World peace and therefore had to be overthrown. This was all lies. The accusations were all fabricated in order to create a pretext for intervention and war. The created fear of communism in the West and the effective anti-communist propaganda became the tool to insert pro-American dictators and control many third world countries.

But what about Fidel Castro? Wasn´t he a proclaimed communist? Wasn’t he a threat to American peace? No. Fidel Castro was the perfect enemy because he was not a true enemy, but a Jesuit collaborator who could act as a catalyst for increasing the fear in the American people when needed.

Seen in this light, the Bay of Pigs was a tremendous success for the CIA because all the anti-Castro people, the freedom fighters were eliminated in one single stroke when they were trapped without US air-support on the shores of Cuba.