Vaccination…why not?

It was never a good idea that people began to live in cities. The tremendous growth of cities during the Industrial Revolution quickly led to terribly overpolluted streets, which acted as a constant source for the outbreak of disease. These cities were the reasons for epdimics. People should never have accepted the industrial way of producing good and sold their souls and their lives to very hard and stressfull lifes in factories. The industrial revolution produced a speicial poor class that lived very close under dirty, polluted, none-sanitarian condition. The cities became centers for disease. It was because of these cities that the idea of vaccination seemed like a good idea.

The idea of vaccination can be compared with the industrial way of producing food. Mono-culture is a high risk for developing pest, mold, and decease. To counteract it all sorts of poisonous substances were invented to kill the pest. And these substances worked very effectively. But they had some very uneexpected side effects! Polluted drinking water and all kinds of allergies, bee-death, etc.

Vaccination is as artificial and as harmful as the industrial way of farming. I believe this artificial and technical fix way of suppressing a problem (not solving it) will in both cases have destructive effects on the human nature.

So what is the solution: Don’t live in over-crowded cities. Move out! Live close to nature and in harmony with God-given principles.

Plumbing and vaccine

The invention of plumbing and sanitation systems helped a lot to fight decease in cities. In fact, the technology of plumbing had a greater effect on fighting decrease than the invention of antibiotics!!!

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