1. Foreword (written by someone else than me…Martin Erdmann?)
  2. Preface (my personal journey into the truth)
  3. Introduction: This is a story about the invisible powers in this world that pushes our history towards a predetermined destiny………During some periods of the medieval times Europe was ruled by a political and religious authoritarian regime that was working on quite the same lines as we see expressed today in ISIS and other militants, Islamic groups of various types…… It worked by a close corporation between the church and the state. The governmental power structure acted as an arm of the church. Government, police, and military was – as today – a punishing arm if anyone stepped beside the given rules of society. And that is okay. But there was a fundamental problem. The rules were put together in such a way so that a person’s thoughts and ideas about God could be seen as criminal in such a way that it easily could cost ones life. Many historians today try to hide the fact that the medieval Papacy was parallel to the cruelest Islamic regimes that we see today. Historians emphasize that the catholic church did so many things that we today consider to be good. Think about the splendid and magnificent architecture, art, and music, they say? And that is true. Look here, for example: The Papacy was definitely interwoven in literally every aspect and every corner of social, religious, political and cultural life in Europe for many centuries. If I should be a little naughty then I could say that they loved to play beautiful, exalted music in gold-decked halls while they tortured people in their dark cellars. And the people the tortured and killed were actually very often Christians, but they would not bow their knees to this religious regime, so they had to suffer death. It was exactly as it Jesus told his disciples: “...a time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering service to God. (John 16, 2). But back in those days – what we call the dark ages – there existed no surveillance cameras, no mobile phones to track your position and your interests. There were no weapons of mass destruction like today. You had to find some other means to control people.
  4. Introduction to the prophetic historical timeline:
  5. Babylon
  6. Medo Persia
  7. Greece
  8. Rome
  9. Rome split into 10 kingdoms (Europe)
  10. Papacy
  11. The medieval period begins. 1260 years of papal rule as a church-state power in Europe.
  12. 1798 is the end of both the political and religious arm of the papacy. The papacy is out of history. But the prophecy says “no! it will resurrect and the second time in even more cruel and sophisticated form. It will resurrect from the dead but in a new, even more evil edition customized a secular and technological developed world.
  13. Pope back in the seat as a spiritual leader….year ______?
  14. In 1929 the pope is reinstated in hos role as a political leader. Mousulini gives the church a piece of land in the middle of Rome – the Vatican state. Now the catholic church is again a church-state power with the Pope as both a king and a priest with access to the United Nations.
  15. The United States in prophecy: The prophecy tells that there is a new nation that shall be given all the power and authority from the Roman seat and. And that power is the United States. (see the detailed version here).
  16. Revelation 13: “The second beast deceives the whole world”…But how?
  17. In order to understand the answer to the above question, you need some historical background knowledge about the beginning of the American nation and how it developed from “nothing” into a global Superpower.

There are three aspects I want to address:

  1. The Counter-Reformation
  2. The Founding Fathers of the United States
  3. The Cold War



As we have seen in the previous chapter, the Reformation caused a major blow to the papal power. So the leaders of the Catholic Church came together in a big meeting called “the Council of Trent” to discuss what to do. They came up with different ideas and tried out different strategies to counteract and prevent further spreading of Protestantism in Europe. This is what protestant historians have described as the catholic Counter-reformation. Obviously this name was not applied by the Catholic Church. If you want to read the catholic version of what happened you could also search the Catholic Revival.

(skriv videre baseret på andre kilder og citater. Dan evt et overblik på Wiki om Modreformationen)

For hundreds of years, its grip on people had been two-edged: 1) a spiritual manipulation into a permanent state of fear of eternal damnation unless you pay 100% allegiance to the church, and 2) a constant very real threat to your life if you dare to follow another faith and even worse – speak up about it. because of the reformation, this century-long church-state-control was gradually beginning to disintegrate. And we learned that the protestant message that caused this disintegration was resting on two pillars:

  1. The biblical message that salvation is solely a thing that God through Jesus can provide. No man, no priest, no pope can step in between and say: I am the necessary link that connects you to God…Only through me, you will earn eternal life.
  2. The biblical prophecies foretell the emergence of a false type of Christianity, arising on the ruins of the Roman Empire. The protestants could only fit the given characteristics to the Roman Catholic Church. Therefore they called it by the names wich the Bible applies on that power: The harlot, Mystery Babylon…and Antichrist.


In order for the catholic church to gain a foothold in the United States, they had to create a government that gave freedom as a birth-right to all people and religions. At that time Catholics were considered an enemy of the state, and they had no access to government positions. We must remember that at that time the biblical knowledge about the catholic church being the Antichrist was still fresh in mind. But by their frame of government, the Constitution, the catholic church was now a player in the public life in government and institutions of power.

The founding fathers deceived the protestants. They were not Christians as it is portrayed in history books. They were fiercely attacking the biblical doctrines. They were inspired by the Enlightenment theories and deism.


Background: The Bolshevik Revolution, 1917.
The use of Hegelian dialectic: Create a false enemy you control. Use the false conflict as a pretext for “change” and for war. Bringing the whole world under control by two different strategies:

1: The Third World

  1. Overthrows of governments by coup d’etats and proxywars.
  2. Deploy pro-American dictators in totalitarian regimes.
  3. Destroy the infrastructures of the nations by debt (World Bank loans called “development assistance”).
  4. Exploit the third world nations as slave-workers to produce cheap stuff for the western market.

2: The Western World:

  1. Control over media
  2. Control over education
  3. Control over the financial institutions
  4. Bring the free soveriegn nation into a federation ( the EU), which is easier to control.
  5. Undermine the idea of self-governing and nationalism.
  6. Infiltration of the social, political, and religious institution


Create a global enemy that requires all nations to come to the conclusion that in order to save humanity and the world they have to give up their sovereignty and give all their political power to a global entity that can provide a global solution:

Climate Change is the enemy and Agenda 2030 is the global solution


  1. CLIMATE CHANGE: The fabricated enemy: CO2
  2. UN AGENDA 2030: 17 goals to bring the world into a one-world order
  3. THE WAR IN SYRIA: Is Assad a terrorist or do we have a parallel to the strategy to demonize political leaders you want to remove?
  4. MIGRATION: Europe is run over by millions of migrating people from Syria and Afganistan.

Evidence that Climate Change is a parallel to the previous history we have just been looking at:

  • It is the same institutions that have deceived the nations during the Cold War that are now agitating for “global action” because of Climate Change:
  • UN, World Bank, IMF
  • Henrik Svensmark
  • Climate Change is a political movement.