There IS no conspiracy!

The situation is that evil groups of people have always ruled the nations against God.

For many many centuries, empires have been formed and the people ruled by an exclusive elite. Since the ancient empires like Babylon, Persia, Greece to the Roman empire it has been the same story whether you difine them as oligachy, aristocracy, plutocracy, theocracy, totalitatianism or many other terminolgies. The history of Europe is a history of empirical rulers – both religious and political. The Roman Catholic Church ruled Europe for over thousand years in close corporation with kings and emporors of the nations. But this pattern has for one time in history been close to be broken:

In the 16-1700 century American colonies were formed. Their idea was to form a government “without a king and a church without a pope” as their motto. But very soon the American protestant colonies were exposed to a European conspiracy, or more precise: A catholic, jesuit conspiracy.

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The conspiracy succeeded and therefore today the US is ruled by the SAME empirical powers that have ruled Europe, Rome, Babylon in former times. These powers could not allow that a new world (the name given to America) saw the light and became a threat to the old world (Europe). In the old world Roman law and order (later the papacy) had ruled the nations for centuries by the authority of the church and its supporters. America was starting to become a big threat to that order. It had to be stopped. Swarms of Jesuit soldiers were sent to America and they were influential in forming the constitution of the United States to gain a foothold. The protestants colonies were stopped in its development of a protestants nation.

The rich and powerful from the old world arrived and gradually they took over by deception and fraud and CONSPIRACY. So when I say there IS no conspiracy, I mean it, but there WAS a conspiracy…and since it succeeded and took over, you cant talk about a conspiracy. The conspirators took over the American protestant colonies more than a century ago and created a copy of the old Roman empire to continue a century-old plan to create the “Kingdom of God on Earth” to rule the WHOLE world.

People have never given away their power and control – not even in democratic nations. It is an illusion that we live in true democracies. That doesn´t exist, and will never happen. We, the people in the west, have been fed with materialism. That is one of the ways to keep people calm. The other way is the gun against the head – open totalitarianism.

Today many believe there is a conspiracy in the United States. If you define a conspiracy as a secret group of people trying to overthrow a government, then you are off track and there’s is no conspiracy. No evil power is trying to overthrow the government, because the evil power IS the government. Was the government of the Roman empire a conspiracy? No. You can compare the government of the United States with the government of the Roman Empire. Both had empirical ideas of ruling the world. Both were deeply corrupt and did not inform the people of their real actions and motives and plans. Both kept the populations in a blind state. Both were deceiving people. Both were ruled by an elite. So it is and has always been. There is indeed a small group that runs the

world, but this has always been the rule in all societies throughout history. They meet behind closed doors and plan the future. But we can’t call that a conspiracy. It operates behind closed doors at the same time as it exhibit and exposes itself with signs, mottoes, and monuments – all of which is exoteric in its nature, that is: The common people are told that all this symbolizes freedom. But it is all masonic symbols taken from ancient pagan religions and mixed into a kind of Christian context, which they hate more than anything else