OPEN LETTER: Papi Chulomin_Syria

Dear Papi Chulomin
I love you passion for Syria and Assad. I feel the same. I am danish and I pray for Assad, his wonderful wife and the Syrian people. But I have some thing I would like to point you to. In your video “Assad Gives Shocking Interview“, you give the following statement:

…even if you want to buy into the whole Russia-gate conspiracy and you want to say that Donald Trump is friends with Putin…allegedly…and Donald Trump is friends with Kim jong-un and so, that means automatically of course that he’s friends with Bashar al-Assad…Only a moron of the highest order could ever say something like that about a Syrian president and the United States. This proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that you have minus fucking 100% knowledge of international relations and history and politics…

Statement at timecode: 3:03

I really, really understand why you articulate it in such a confident tone. But I tell you, the deception is SO cleverly done that I believed the same for…centuries! Let let me explain:

If you read the intensive research by professor Antony Sutton into Russian history since the Bolshevik revolution in 1917, you can only conclude that powers in the United States financed and controlled the Bolshevik Revolution and financed 90-95% of ALL their technology and industry and up until at least 1990. Sarch Antony Sutton on Youtube and downloads his books for free!!!! He is a very important piece to understand our world. It seems impossible and crazy, I know. But here is the logic behind: The mastermind behind ALL the wars and political overthrows during the Cold War period was the CIA – especially with Allen and John Foster Dulles in the forefront. They used the threat from communism as the pretext for war. Everyone in the West bought into that narrative. But the narrative was a BIG lie, and the CIA was the mastermind behind the massive disinformation in the news. (See this interview with former CIA chief John Stockwell for an eyeopening insider explanation how the CIA controlled media during the Cold War: So communism was a so-called “controlled conflict” (controlled by the SAME power on both sides!!!), and Antony Sutton documents this with massive amounts of state department files. During the Cold War the CIA developed a very smart strategy to overthrow what they called “communist dictators”. But in reality these “dictators” were not communists but democratic nationalists trying to free their country from the United States and British control. A classic example is Mossadegh in Iran (1953) and Jacobo Árbenz in Guatemala (1954). These overthrows in the 1950s became blueprints for future overthrows. If you study these two American, CIA controlled overthrows you have a parallel to Syria. BUT the question is: Do Assad know that he is in the center of a fake proxy war? I dont know. But I believe it is a war that has MUCH wider perspectives than only a fight over gas lines. Trump and Putin are only two puppets on the scene, and behind the scene some other faces are the true puppeteers. I don’t think that either China and Russia is at all a threat to United States. Communism in both nations (Russia and China) is an American product, financed and created in the West. Surveillance equipment in China is created and masterminded by American Companies. I truly believe that Assad is genuine. But I think he is, unfortunately, only a little piece in a MUCH bigger strategy for global control. I cannot – in this comment – explain WHO the real players are. But I know it.