How the Jesuit Order were behind the American war on Independence.

Most people think that the American war of Independence had a just cause. Mainstream history books tell us that England was pushing one socalled intolerable law after another on the people of the mostly protestant American colonies. In the end, a reaction to the laws came and the war began for independence. But the laws were meant to create the exact reaction because the men behind the conflict had a farreaching plan. The history books forget to tell us that behind this war there was a Jesuit plot. In the American colonies, all Catholics were at that time denied access to government and positions in the colonies, because the protestants were suspicious that the Catholics were plotting to take over America. Protestants had fled Europe from catholic persecution, so it wasn´t strange that they were suspicious to Catholicism. And add to that that the protestants were inspired by the biblical prophecies who foretold that the Catholic church was (and still is) the main organisation, which Satan operates through. Not strange that there was a great scepticism towards both Catholics and Catholicism. They feard a return of the papal tyranny which had ruled Europe for over 1000 years. They knew just too well that the catholic counter reformation were operating by sending jesuits out to all nations in order to undermine the protestant nations by plotting revolutions and wars nation against nation and people against people.

The Jesuit plotted against these laws by convincing the king of England to legislate laws against the colonies which made them