Inspiration from the online book: The Genesis of Germs

In the Bible, we read that God cursed the earth. Mankind fell down from a highly moral, intellectual, physical and spiritual state to become a selfish, aggressive, oppressive, beastlike creature. And then God brought death into the world and plagued every living creature with decay, disease, suffering, and pain. Sounds terrible and unreasonable, right? So if God is so magnificent and full of love for us, why did He bring all that suffering onto us?

Before the fall, life on earth was in perfect peace and harmony. No death, no disease, no pain, no evil thoughts were seen anywhere, and God’s creation oozed of joy and mutual love and respect God and for one another. But one day, all that ended very abruptly by one single violation of God’s commandments. One single “mistake” ended all the perfect harmony. A moment later, invisible forces, bacteria, and viruses began to invade all living creatures. Commonly we associate bacteria with all kinds of diseases. But actually, the vast majority of them are crucial for upholding the world as it is now in its fallen condition. Without these small, friendly bacteria, the ecosystem would collapse and all living creatures would become extinct, and the earth would become a habitation for bacteria only.