Synopsis (Part 1)

Mainstream history tells us that the Cold War was a conflict between the Soviet Union and the United States where the rest of the nations of the world had to choose a side. The Cold War was cold because a direct military conflict never broke loose between the to main players. But all around the world socalled proxy wars were fought. The proxy wars during the Cold War were wars instigated by either the Soviet Union or the United States in countries

a war instigated by a major power which does not itself become involved

period of geopolitical conflict between the Soviet Union (with the Eastern Bloc as its allies) and the United States with (the Western Bloc as its allies) after World War II. We are told that the conflict between the two superpowers was very close to end in a very hot nuclear third world war that could have wiped out all life on earth.

But in Part One you will realize that this narrative is a totally fabricated lie. The official history has been created and used to manipulate the Western nations. The introduction of communism into Russia was facilitated and financed by some of the most powerful people in the West and almost all of its technology came directly from the West. This is not just a conspiracy theory, it has been historically proven by for example the brilliant historian Antony C. Sutton in books like “Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development, 1917-1965” Sutton has proven that almost every technological piece of equipment in the communist regime came from the West. Sutton’s books have been heavily suppressed to reach a broader audience. Sutton was a professor at Standford University, and his discoveries were made public during his work as a research fellow at the Hoover Institution. His books were written before the Internet. They were a major blow to the false narrative which was formed by the “historians” and “journalists” paid by CIA and introduced to the public by the CIA controlled commercial media and book publishers during that time. That this is the case has been exposed by the so-called Church committee hearings and also by former CIA-agents like for example….

This story is far from the truth. It is a narrative that has been fabricated. The true story is that the Cold War was a fabricated conflict controlled by the United States on both sides. In order to understand this controversial truth, it is necessary to go back in history, back to the beginning of the communist Soviet Union: The Bolshevik Revolution in October 1917. It has been thoroughly documented that the revolution was financed and controlled by some of the most powerful and wealthy Wall Street financiers in New York.

, if a majority of the people in the West realize that we live on a completely fabricated lie, the will also realize that the same lie is continued to this day.

In Part One you will see that this narrative was a perfect pretext for the deep state in the United States to accuse countless nations for being communist friendly and therefore being a threat to the free, democratic nations in the West. These nations were not communist. The were on a path towards democracy, and indepence from Western control over their recources like oil. We will look at a few examples…like the overthrow of the democratically elected Mohammad Mossadegh in Iran, 1953, Guatemala, 1954 and also touch Congo in 1963. These are classical examples

In order to decieve the whole world the CIA fabricated had to plant articles in all Western nations. They had control over the biggest news agencies in both Europe and the United States.

The question is: If the commercial news media was used as a direct channel for plant a gigantic lie in the public during the long period from 1950s-1990s did it then just end? No! It continues today. And you will realize that the war in Syria against Assads government is a complete parralle to the history of Iran, Guatemala and Congo.

The War in Syria has caused some of the greates refugee crisis in Europe since the second World War. The question about what some call an invasion of muslim refugees is nearly splitting countries in Europa and it creates a very, very hard, and uforsonende rethoric in the public. Some want the out! The war in Syria also creates thousands of Islamic warriers who travel from European countries back to Syria to fight Assad whom they have been deceived to believe is a terrible dictator who gasses and tortures his own people and who is backed by russia.

Many commentators see the conflict as a re-opening of the Cold War

When you know the historical background you will easily see that this conflict is a continuation of a big lie. But for what reason?

There are more than one reason:

Syria is important to control because of oil…always oil. But as you will see in PART TWO it was not only the third world countries that the deep state aimed to control during the Cold War. The EU was from the beginning a CIA project. The deep state is aiming for global control.