Pope Francis and his quest for a new global education system

On the Vatican News website we read a headline: “Pope Francis launches the Global Educational Alliance initiative to shape the future of humanity by forming mature individuals who can overcome division and care for our common home.”

Pope Francis is a Jesuit educated priest. Historically the Jesuit Order was once feared and infamous in almost all nations of the world for their ability to infiltrate and control the education systems of a nation. Their purpose was to use the education system as a channel to inject a poison of unsatisfaction with democracy, protestantism and the idea of “free nations” independent from the control of the “mother church” – the Papacy its popes.

For many, many years it has been a well known fact that the Jesuit Order works through the education systems in order to gain the confidence of especially the young to make them servants for a global political system which is secretely controlled by the Catholic Church. Take for example this quote from Samuel Morse, the inventor of the morse-code:

Let me, nevertheless, ask attention, while I humbly offer my reasons for believing that a conspiracy exists, that its plans are already in operation, and that we are attacked in a vulnerable quarter, which cannot be defended by our ships, our forts, or our armies.

Look at all the nations where the catholic church has had an emmense power and infleunce over the people and their edication: The whole of Latin America, Spain, Italy, Portugal. France and Germany is partly catholic, partly protestant, partly secular, so we dont count these countries as catholic. But look at the others. Take Latin America. Are these nations some you would like to be like? They are infested with poverty, corruption, slum, ilitteracy. There is a big gap between a small rich and poverfull elite and the rest of the populations. Many of these nations have been prone to civil wars, revolutions and violece for many years. It must be added that much of that is caused directly by the United States interventions (covert and overt), so we cant blame it all on catholic education. But it is the Catholic Church and its Jesuit Schooling system which is in charge of educating the people.

And now the Jesuit pope wants us – the free nations, to be humbling ourselves for the feed of the pope and let him (of all) lead the world righgt into a new round og jesuit schooling. Do you really believe, my friend, that Jesuit schooling has changed since the dark ages? Its core values are the same as when they were controlling the economy and the politics of Europe. Their core aim was – and still is – to lead the whole world as the “lost sheep” back into the fold. But this time the pope dont use religious wordings to a secular audience. The “fold” is not to be associated with the Mother Church because then they would discover the trick. So the pope uses the word “Global Village” and an “educational village”. HA, what a trickster, he is, the Jesuit pope!

The pope says that “education is key to driving positive change”. Positive is a broaed term. What is positive to a jesuit might not be positive to a ateist or a protestant.

“Never before has there been such need to unite our efforts in a broad educational alliance, to form mature individuals capable of overcoming division and antagonism, and to restore the fabric of relationships for the sake of a more fraternal humanity,” the Pope says.

I get goosebumps when I read it, because this is code language. So let me decode the meaning and unlock what he is actually saying in jesuit language:

Unite our efforts…for what purpose? “Overcoming division and antagonism”. So why is overcoming division so important? In a free and democratic nation division is a built-in principle allowed by law! Division kept under the principles of law, allows every citizen to express his opinions, his values, his religious beliefs WITHOUT any authority (religious or political) to bang him or her in his head with the judgment: “Now you are behaving naughty, little child, when you are an antagonist towards Fathers values”. Division is HEALTHY and extremely important.

Now the pope will say, that this is wrong. And he will point out that it is division that is the true cause for war and conflict. That is only PARTLY correct.

You see, the Jesuit order has a several hundred year long documented history of CREATING division. Setting up a nation against nation. Setting up people against people. And according to Encyclopedia Britanica the jesuit order controlled education for over 300 years in Europe. For what purpose, you may ask? For the purpose to “divide and conquer”