CONGO, 1961

CIA stod i 1961 bag henrettelsen af den demokratisk valgte politiker Patrice Lumumba, fordi han forsøgte at befri Congo for fremmede kolonimagters kontrol over landet. Hans død skal ses i lyset af den kolde krig. Læs en god artikel om Patrice Lumumba her

Lumumba quote:

Question: “Some of your political opponents accuse you of being a Communist. Could you reply to that?”

Answer: “This is a propagandist trick aimed at me. I am not a Communist. The colonialists have campaigned against me throughout the country because I am a revolutionary and demand the abolition of the colonial regime, which ignored our human dignity. They look upon me as a Communist because I refused to be bribed by the imperialists.”
(From an interview to a “France-Soir” correspondent on July 22, 1960)

“We are neither Communists, Catholics nor socialists. We are African nationalists. We reserve the right to choose our friends in accordance with the principle of positive neutrality.”

Patrice Lumumba

Den officielle historie lyder at både USA og Belgien frygtede at Lumumba var under kommunistisk inflydelse fra Sovjetunionen. Derfor ville man forhindre at Lumumba kom til magten og indførte et kommunistisk styre i Congo som kunne sprede sig til andre Afrikanske lande.

Citat fra Wiki: Both Belgium and the US were influenced by the Cold War in their positions toward Lumumba, as they feared communist influence. They thought he seemed to gravitate toward the Soviet Union, although according to Sean Kelly, who covered the events as a correspondent for the Voice of America, this was not because Lumumba was a communist, but because the USSR was the only place he could find support for his country’s effort to rid itself of colonial rule.[143] The US was the first country from which Lumumba requested help.[144] Lumumba, for his part, denied being a communist and said that he found colonialism and communism to be equally deplorable. He professed his personal preference for neutrality between the East and West.

CIA stod bag mordet på Lumumba

Citat fra Wiki: In the early 21st century, declassified documents revealed that the CIA had plotted to assassinate Lumumba. These documents indicate that the Congolese leaders who killed Lumumba, including Mobutu Sese Seko and Joseph Kasa-Vubu, received money and weapons directly from the CIA.[155][166] This same disclosure showed that at that time, the U.S. government believed that Lumumba was a communist and feared him because of what it considered the threat of the Soviet Union in the Cold War.[167]


GOD ARTIKEL I THE GUARDIAN: Patrice Lumumba: the most important assassination of the 20th century.
The article says that the murder of Lumumba is the most important in the 21. century because it must be seen in a global context:

With the outbreak of the cold war, it was inevitable that the US and its western allies would not be prepared to let Africans have effective control over strategic raw materials, lest these fall in the hands of their enemies in the Soviet camp.

Patrice Lumumba: the most important assassination of the 20th century.

Here we see again that the alleged threat from communism is used as an argument for murder and control. In other words: “We (the global planners) cant let Africa develop sovereign, democratic and independent nations because we risk they later turn to communism and become a threat to the free world”.

The murder of Patrice Lumumba came as a chock for other African nations because they saw Lumumba as a forerunner for their own freedom from the imperialistic rule:

It was a stumbling block to the ideals of national unity, economic independence and pan-African solidarity that Lumumba had championed, as well as a shattering blow to the hopes of millions of Congolese for freedom and material prosperity.

Patrice Lumumba: the most important assassination of the 20th century.

You see, Lumumba was not just interested in his own country’s independence. He had very popular ideas about “pan-African solidarity

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