Jordan Peterson on Cain and Abel

This is a comment on Jordan Petersons video Cain and Abel

It is my intent to show you in what way Peterson is taking you away from understanding the meaning of the story seen in the biblical context. Instead, he brings you into his own psychological universe by using the story of Cain and Abel. I believe it is wise of you to be aware of what Jordan Peterson is doing and how he is doing it. In some sense, Peterson is actually misleading you, because he has such persuasive rhetorical speech gifts. You see, he is not telling you what the story means seen in the biblical context. He just tells you his interpretation AS IF he is doing his best to fit it into it biblical context and narrative. But he is doing the complete opposite.

So if you first know first the biblical of the story of Cain and Abel it then you can judge what Jordan Peterson is actually doing to you and how he misleads you. I think it is unfair that it is ok to take the Bible which has a very, very clear narrative that even a child can understand and then tear it into pieces and invent a new concept totally based on Jordan Petersons’ own philosophy. If you were allowed to interpret the laws of a nation as crazy as Peterson interprets the Cain and Abel story, the nation would dissolve into chaos.


First of all, Peterson avoids the word sin. Sin is what the story of Cain and Abel is about. The Biblical definition of the word is “transgression of the law” (God’s law implied). Cain is transgressing the law of God, and that is the fundamental problem with Cain. In 1. John 3, 4  we get the definition of sin:

Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law.

1. John 3, 4

And the key to understanding the fundamental idea with the whole Bible is that Cain is an illustration of you and me – of all of humanity. The Bible says that “all have transgressed the law of God. Therefore we are all in the same situation as Cain, but we can choose to react differently than Cain when God speaks to us as he did to Cain and asks: “What have you done…?”

condemned to death. Because the penalty of transgressing the law of God is death. And a split-second after God pronounces this condemnation to death he says: “Wait a second! I will NOT execute the judgment because I have provided for someone to receive the punishment to death in your place, and that is Jesus.”

If Jordan understood that he couldn’t twist the story as much as he does. And the story is about another thing that has a very distinct definition in the Bible – the word sacrifice. Thorugh all of the Old Testament there are two laws in play: The Moral law (the ten commandments) and the Law of Moses (the sacraficial law). As soon as you know what these two laws are about (spiritually speaking) you can really understand what the story abut Cain and Abel is about. If you dont understand the BIBLICAL definition on these two terms you can only interpret the story accordin to your own limited or unlimited imagination. But to imagine is not to understand. Therefor lets define us see how the Bible defines the two words.


The word ‘sin’ has a very clear definition in the Bible. 1. John 3, 4 says:


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