The United States is foretold in the Bible to take the whole world captive

In the Bible, there is a prophecy about the United States that this nation will use all its power to take control over the whole world both by military power but also by deception. The prophecy depicts the United States in a symbolic form – as an innocent lamb with two horns and a mouth that speaks like a dragon. This image is a perfect description of the history of the United States. It has presented itself as a land of freedom and Christian innocence, but as time has gone we see another face gradually emerge: Brutal, imperialistic destructive power. But this power has for many decades been justified by an attempt to “make the world safe for democracy”. But Bible reveals that this is a deception, a smokescreen and that there exists a hidden plan behind the seemingly nice surface. The Bible exposes a conspiracy where the United States is in the center of it all.

But you say:

Wait a minute, the Bible was written several hundreds of years before there even existed a nation called the United States, so how can this nation possible have been mentioned in the Bible?

There is a prophecy in the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament which foretells the emerging of five consecutive successive empires that should come to rule one after another and the last one described is the United States. The prophecy does not mention its name, but it is clearly understood by the context of the three former empires which are mentioned by their right historical names, that it can only be the United States.

But you must judge for yourself if this claim is an overstatement, so therefor follow me along.

The four empires described in the prophecy have all played a major role in the world of politics and religion and at the same time played the major role in the fate of God’s people – from the Jewish nation and further on into christianity. This prophecy stretches unto the end of this world’s history and was given so that God’s people could have a timeline of events to come, a historical roadmap in order not to become weary and loose hope and be deceived and overcome.

The prophecy describes in a language that cannot be misinterpreted the rise and the decline of four consecutive empires. The first was Babylon. It took the Jewish people captive in 605 BC. This empire was conquered by the second mentioned, the Medo-Persians empire in…. One of its kings – Axerchertes gave freedom back to the jews, but it only lasted some years, because then the end of the Medo-Persian empire ended when the third empire ruled by Greek Alexander the Great conquered it by storm in the Persian wars. But also the Greek empire lasted only a surtain time periode and then it was conquered in ……BC by the fourth empire, the Roman Empire.

So the 4 empires are:
1. Babylon
2. Medo-Persia
3. Greece
4. Rome

The rise of these 4 great empires that should come to rule over God’s people in each of their allotted time periods were foretold in a prophecy in the Book of Daniel. All four empires were each appointed and earmarked with a number of specific characteristics and their actions in history were described in order to distinguish them. The first three empires are even mentioned by their correct names – Babylon, Medio-Persia and Greece. The fourth empire that conquered Greece is only described by its symbolic names and characteristics, but everyone knows that it was the Roman Empire that came after Greece.

But the prophecy doesnt end here. It continues to describe what would happen to the Roman empire: But as the three first mentioned empires should be conquered one by one and overtaken by other great empires, the prophecy foretold that the Roman empire should not be given over to another empire but infact continue to the end of this worlds history – but under different forms. The prophecy foretells that the pagan western Roman empire should not disappear but collaps and broken up into many small tribal kingdoms which is the beginning of the European nations. But Rome, the city, should gradually come to play a new role as a world power: The Roman Papacy what we today call the Roman Catholic Church. In detail the prophecy describes 12 specific characteristica of this new Roman power. One of these unmistakeable features was that it should claim it had begotten its power from God – not from the pagan gods and goddesses, but from the christian God – Jesus Christ. It should claim that it was not seeted in Gods thrown, and that it was a the chosen substitute for Jesus Christ, and that its role in history was to rule the world in a theocracy. The chritians at that time who were well familiar with the prophecies knew that this prophecy were revraling that this ”christian” power was a satanic deception. They knew that the Papacy was a woolf in sheeps clothes.

The prophecy goes on to foretell that this anti-christian power should rule for precisely 1260 years. The beginning of its power was in 538 AD in its end was in 1798. That specific year history tell us that Napolens genral bherchier went into rome and took the pope captive. From now in the prophecy in the Book of Daniel ended. But then in around 80 years into the new Christian time a new book was written which continued the prophecy wich was given to Daniel 700 years before. This book is today called ”The Revelation of John”.