Anyone who has followed the climate change debate in the media has noticed that the arguments used for introducing political, economic, and social change on a global scale are all in their very root based on science. They say that scientific observations proves that our chances to continue living as we have done in the last 150 years in the western world is under a serious threat from “manmade CO2”. They say the scientists have discovered that the world’s ecosystem, our very basis for living on earth, is at risk of collapsing. Some say that the end of the world could be approaching. The proponents of this alleged scientific discovery have a lot more access to express their opinions in the mainstream media. On the other hand, the opponents are marginalized because – why should we listen to them when SCIENCE has spoken? Be quit, climate deniers!

What is Technocracy?

The term technocracy was originally used to advocate the application of the scientific method to solving social problems. Technocracy is a social structure.

People who oppose a technocratic society are not science deniers. They don’t dislike technological development. They don’t possess a nostalgic dream of the “good old days” with no cars and no factories. What the oppose is that

Let’s say that science presumes that humans are a form of animals and that it more or less operates on instincts like animals and that they therefor by social science methods have to be regulated to function in an advanced society. Let’s say that discoveries in psychological science show that humans cant live peacefully in a modern society without behavioral regulation from experts from social and psychological science. And let’s also say that the experts find out that manipulation of the masses is a necessity if chaos should be avoided. And let’s also say that they find out that logical arguments and education is not working and the only method is to use psychological technics of manipulation. And let’s say that the climate change movement is such a thing used to regulate the whole of the populations all over the world.

You say never!