Blind faith or intelligent conviction?

Most people who believe their life is built on logic, science and evidence-based truths, are in reality basing their life on a foundation of blind faith. And for most people they don’t even no the bases of their faith. They would not be able to explain and argue for why they believe what they believe. They are in much the same state of ignorance as most religious believers who have no clue about why the belief as the do. Their faith has been poured into them through a cultural upbringing. From childhood, they just adopted the norms and rules applicable to their culture and their family. Ask them questions and in a very short time the will face the reality that they cant answer intelligently. But lets talk about the secular religion that governs the belief-system in the Western world.

You, as a modern secular, well-educated person, believe that you exist because some time ago, nothing (absolutely nothing) exploded. And this explosion created matter and energy and it expanded and gradually became to all that we see today: Planets, solar systems, galaxies, and people. From an explosion all the natural laws came into existance.