Dear Martin Erdmann

I have not yet been reading your book. But I have been listening to several of the interviews and your presentations. I find your research about how Christian world has been highjacked by globalist planners very important. I have been researching into this for many years but you have given me some very important historical details. I knew some, but that much in detail, about John Foster Dulles workings in the religious fields to create a one world government. But I feel like a new door has been opened with the details you provide.

But I really really hope you will listen to some very important things I have to share to you. I cannot tell you how important it is. It is the question and the answer to the question: “Who is the biblical Antichrist?” Please dont step back before you I have walked you through my arguments, because maybe it seem just too much, too far fetched. So please read all! 🙂

I am sure you are familiar with that the protestant churches in former times interpreted the biblical Antichrist to be – not a man (an individual) – but a system, and that this system could be none other than the Papacy (the Catholic Church). I am also sure that you know how they came to that conclusion, by their interpretation of The Book of Daniel with a focus on chapters 2 and 7 in conjunction with especially Revelation chapter 13. And maybe you also know that IF this interpretation became the widespread norm among protestants it would totally undermine the Papacy’s possibility to be seen as anything else than a Satanic enemy. Martin Luther’s words:

Please read this paper from Pastor Stephen Bohr about the Jesuit plan to change the protestant historic interpretation of the biblical prophecies:


Since I know that you are a “heavy reader” I urge you to read this work by Lee Roy Froom:

control over hearts and minds of people in Europe