How the Bible was created is proof that more than human intelligence was behind

many people say: Nahhh, we can’t believe that the Bible is the word of God because this book is not even a book. It is written over a period of several 1thousand years by around 40 different men. And the different parts of the Bible were not even connected by authors themselves. Many of them didn’t even know each other. The 40 authors were chosen by som scholars on a church meeting in 500 after Christ to be representing the Bible. So come on! This mix-max of chapters, authors, collecting process and time period can impossibly represent THE word of God”.

The answer is that exactly THIS is proof that it is the word of God. Why? Because there is a very interwoven narrative that goes through the whole bible from the first page to the last. There is such a brilliant interconnected connection between the stories and together with the make form ONE message and ONE history and paints an image of ONE God that presents himself as the same individual throughout all the pages.

The Bible is actually a story