Arab Spring revolutions and the CIA


The mainstream version of the so-called color revolutions (Arab Spring) is that they were spontaneous youth movements that came about via Facebook. No leaders involved, no organizations behind, no money, no nothing but a massive people’s movement united via Facebook. The mainstream narrative also tells us is that the youth went out in the streets and demanded their totalitarian leaders to leave. And so they did without any resistance (strangely enough). And the media told story after story about how the world could see the emerging of a new and peaceful world.

But then, according to the western narrative, the youth had no ideologic idea, no leader, no plan. So what happened? The Muslim Brotherhood filled the vacuum and took over. Once again the youth united spontaneously as we were told on Tahir Square and cried for help from the military. Now violence began and the military took over.

And you are supposed to believe that all these revolutions were spontaneously popping up as a result of the youth meeting at Facebook. Do you believe that any longer?


Do you believe this story? Or can you see the clear foodprint to the history of the CIA which has just been presented to you?

You saw how the CIA has a very long track record dating back to the 1950s of controlling media and overthrowing leaders all over the world by using the tactic of creating rebels (both left and right wings) and religious terror organizations.


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