CORN PRODUCTION: State subsidized disease

How can you believe the people who run our country when they mass-subsidize the production of very unhealthy foods that makes millions of people sick?

Here is how it works: In the United States, for example, the policies of corn production were changed from relatively small homestead growing to massive factory-like farms. Developing more efficient machinery made it possible for one family to produce more and more corn. Gradually the small homesteads disappeared and only the big farmers could run a business that could produce the growing demand for corn. But why was there a growing demand? Who needed all that corn? Did the American people starve? Was there a famine? No, the problem was not lacking food. The corn was needed to produce high fructose syrup and meat and oil for the food industry. They are the three essential ingredients in a burger meal. The high fructose syrup goes into producing soft drinks. The oil is used for the fries – actually, 45% of the calories in fries are coming from corn through the oil. And the cows are all fed by corn to produce meat for the hamburger. Basically, all processed food contains corn in one way or the other. The amount of consumed empty calories, fat, and protein goes up, up, up, and makes people sicker and sicker. But this was all done by purpose.

A corn farmer has to be subsidized by the state because all his work is in itself a business of deficit. The deficit is subsidized. If that subsidize was taken away the prize on corn would skyrocket and the same would cheap junk food. Junkfood is extremely expensive to produce compared with crops that go directly from the farmer to the consumer – potatoes, potatoes, beans, etc. It is ONLY because junk food production is subsidized by the state that it is cheap.

So in fact: It is the politics of the STATE that as the direct cause of a massive epidemy of obesity, diabetes, and all kinds of diseases in the United States.

But why?

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