When do they kill Greta Thunberg?

This my own private prophecy:

I believe Greta Thunberg will soon be taken out of the game. Either by a fake accident or a real. I believe she will soon be killed in an “accident”. And when she is dead the catholic church will canonize her as a saint. She will be compared to Jeanne d’Arc and called a frontrunner to save the planet.

Here is why I believe it will happen:

Greta Thunberg is a poor little girl with mental disorders who have been manipulated to act as a tool for the globalists in their agenda to transform the political and economic structure of the world. They use the alleged threat of manmade climate change (which is false) as a political propaganda tool to unite all nations into an agreement to abolish their sovereignty and let the globalists create a completely new world order. This is what climate change and the UN Agenda 2030 is all about. But of course, Greta has absolutely no clue about all that. She is a tool. She has only the ability to speak when she has a written script in her hands. She has no ability to reflect and participate in a normal conversation or give an interview which is not staged about what she believes. She is empty inside and can only deliver the sentences that have been formed for her by cruel adults and carved out for her as easy-to-remember-populist-headlines. She is what one would call a brainwashed puppet in the hands of the global elite.

And because of that, she can not be allowed to grow up and become an adult woman. If that happens every one would immediately discover the truth about her. In her adult state, her real mental condition and state of mind will become crystal clear to everyone. People would become suspicious if she continued to act as child-Greta not giving interviews and only spoke in carved-out headlines. It would have the opposite effect on people if they came from adult-Greta. We love it when a child pronounces a sentence, which seems like it has adult understanding. But when the same sentence comes from an adult, it sounds like a cliché.

As long as Greta is just an innocent girl, she works fine as a propaganda poster in the media. The image of a child savior, a saving angel, and a saint will completely vanish if she is allowed to grow up. But if she is taken out of the game she can keep all these titles, and the catholic church can sanctify her. And the whole world (almost) will continue to believe the deception.

Therefore I believe she will be sacrificed in some way. Either a fake death or a real. Something strange will surely happen to the poor Greta when her role has been played out and the world has been seduced is to the next level towards a global technocratic regime.