United States of America. A story of evil intends behind noble words

Have you ever wondered how it can be that the United States, on one hand, is often portrayed as the freest and most democratic nation in the world guided by the most human constitution ever written, and on the other hand, the most imperialistic and brutal superpower controlled by a sinister deep state government that infiltrates, manipulates and destroys nations in its aim for global control?

If you have and is longing to find an answer to this contradiction, then HISTORIEN OM IGEN is the right place for you.

In order to understand this contradiction, you will have to zoom out and go back to the beginning. Not only back to the founding fathers of the United States, but back to the religious struggle between Catholicism and Protestantism.

Most people have been taught in school that the United States was originally a protestant country. Thats is only true in one sense: Protestants were the majority among the people who first setteld in the American colonies. But it was definitely not protestant men who drafted the constitution and became the power elite in the United States. The founding fathers which were the true designers of the political and economic system in United States were a quit different group of men that history books normally lets us know.

beginning of United States but

. Then you will discover that something was terribly wrong already from the start with evil intends behind right from the beginning.

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United States seen through a pair of new glasses

Normally we tend to think of a nation as a more or less homogenous group of people that have a government that consists of people who represent the people and have their interest in their mind and the protection of the sovereignty of the nation as their main goal. This is not the case in the United States and in many other countries. Often you will see that the most influential people in a country have their own interest and their partners and allies interest in their mind. But they know that their interests and plans cannot be carried out if the common people are totally overruled and suppressed. But if the common people are manipulated into believeing that what they want is the same as the elite wants, then the common people are volontarily working as slaves in the system. Therefore the welfare state system and the representative (reduced) democratic system is far the best political system for them to operate in compared to totalitarian regimes. If the common people get the impression that they have the power in their hands through elections and at the same time have a not completely unsatisfying welfare system, they can be kept in a passive state in believe in the illusion of freedom and democracy. The powerful elites around in every nation of the world have never risked to give away their influence, their power and their wealth away. But that would be the case if a true democracy was installed.

In the US this elite have never been truly bothered about the condition the American people. Their true ambition lies far away from the wellbeing and security of the nation. Their true goal together with other globalists in the world is to undermine all nations sovereignty and create a global government system. With an outdated phrase this is called “The New World Order”.

In the United States, this group of the wealthy globalist elite has if not 100% control then 90% control over government, banking, finance, industry, and military. So the real power in the United States is manipulating the American people to be actors in their game towards the downfall of the United States as a sovereign nation and be the “headquarter” of a global government.

Many people excuse the United States for its involvement in building up the Hitler regime. They say: “Well, there are corrupt industrialists and bankers in all nations”. The have the illusion that the innocent, democratic, government (of the people) would do ALL it could to prevent these corrupt banksters and industrialist from doing all their crazy deals with totalitarian regimes. They believe that the official power in the United States is ONE THING that is seperated from this corrupt group.

But they overlook tha fact that the the government of the United States is controlled and owned by this gruop. It is they who control the creation of money. It is they who control the CIA and create regime change. It is they who control the big, commercial media houses and news agencies. It is they who control the education system.