When our cultural construction destroys the human fabric

What if ADHD is not a disease but a natural reaction by the human biological system to a social organization that has grown insane? This is what the famous psychologist Jordan Peterson thinks. I don’t agree with him in this particular instance, but I can definitely see his point. I think a lot of mental disorders are actually directly related to a social construction that has gone totally mad.

What if our culture pretends that there is a meaning but that we feel it is a social construct that the obvious meaningless has intrinsic value? What if we hypothesize and postulate meaning where there is no meaning?

I could start my story with the fall of mankind in the garden of Eden. But I will not. I will begin my story of the creation of what I will call the “modern man” (and woman). Therefore I begin my story in a specific time period where a radical change in the society in the western nations took place. The industrial revolution. At that time society changed from being a peasant culture to become an industrial society.

The peasant was free in another sense than the industrial worker. I am not trying to say that peasants had a free and wonderfull life. But my point is that there is a total shift in the human way of thinking and living when the Industrial revolution set in. The industrial revolution introduces time and mesauring of time in a totally new dimension. Before the peason had a rythm based on nature, based on natural ocurances like the sunset and sun rise. And he was totally aware of the seasons of the year and the season of his animals, his crops etc. When the peasant became an industrial worker, time changed. Now he lived by a factory clock that gave him breaks, gave him orders about work, stop, work. His mental fabric changed from being totally dependent of nature and being someone who was sensitive to the changes in nature, to one who became dull. Stress became a new factor. Not the healthy form of stress where something has to be down in a hurry. The unhealthy stress was introduced where the factory worker did the same thing over and over again under a carefully monitored condition: How many seconds, how long can you do it…If you fail, we fire you!