The road to Global Governance

Artiklen “The road to Global Governance” bygger på denne artikelCreating a New World Order Out of Regional Orders

The plan to fuse all nations together under one global governance is gradually being brought to completion by first grouping all the nations on the planet into different regional groups – also called “Regional Orders” or “Regional Organisations“. The European Union (EU) is a good example of such a Regional Organisation. Other Regional Organisation are for example the African Union (AU), Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Arab League (AL), Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Council of Europe (CoE), Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), European Union (EU), South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO), Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), Union of South American Nations (USAN).

The plan to fuse all these Regional Organisations together under one global ruling entity (One World Order) has been the plan right from the beginning. In the history of EU, I have shown you how the CIA secretly worked behind the scenes to push for a United States of Europe. It was Allen Dulles who was the chief for the CIA at that time. The diplomats and leading European politicians who played their roles as front figures in this process used buzzwords like democracy, unity, prevention of war through cooperation, etc. But at the same time as the CIA allegedly worked to accomplish this process of unifying the European nations into one democratic entity, they also worked secretly to undermine and destroy several free, democratic countries around the world. Why? because these countries were all determined to free themselves from Western suppression, exploitation, and control. Iran and Guatemala were two such examples which are well known to mainstream history. Both countries were completely destroyed and their democratic leaders expelled. In both countries, the population was terribly tortured and murdered by CIA trained militias. In Iran, it was the gruesome police SAVAK which was set up and trained by the CIA.

The conspiracy had to prevent these countries from becoming independent, democratic nations, because if they succeeded the idea would emidiately spread to the neighboring countries in the different regions of the third world. The Middle East, Africa, South America, and Asia should never get inspired by Iran and Guatemala (and other countries) to the idea that they also could nationalize their own resources and detach their economies from Western control and begin a process of democratization and self-government. Therefore Iran and Guatemala had to be stopped. In Iran it was the democratic elected prime minister Mohammed Mossadegh who wanted to nationalize the Iranian oil which was completely under British control. In Guatemala, it was the democratic elected Jacobo Arbenz who wanted to nationalize the enormous banana plantations which were solely under US control through the United Fruit Company. And guess what! None other than the CIA boss Allen Dulles and his brother, US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles were both on the United Fruit payroll for thirtyeight years. The United Fruit also controlled and operated much of the infrastructure in Guatemala: The railroad system and telegraph system.

My hope is that you can now see that it can’t possibly be true that the same group of power elite people (Dulles Brothers) with their one hand supported the construction of a free, united, peaceful Europe, and with the other hand destroyed countless free, democratic nations and replaced their deomcratic elected leaders with pro-american dictators. These to things cant possibly be true at the same time. One of the two has to go. And it cant be the subversion of all the democratic nations in the third world because the CIA have openly admitted that they did it in de-classified documents.

Some might argue that the CIA had to do all this in order to prevent the free world in the West from being run over by communism and absorbed into a global Stalinist regime. This was the narrative the Western media scared the people with. But today we know that this was a total lie. The threat was purposely created by the conspiracy to act as a threat so the conspiracy would have carte blanche from the people and the press to undermine, invade and destroy countless countries, destabilize their economies, suppress and murder its people, silence their leaders and bring the country under US control.

So now it is up to you to draw your own conclusions about what the process of grouping nations into regional organizations is all about. It is a process that began right in the beginning of the Cold War with these globalist fanatics like the Dulles Brothers in control.

By understanding this piece of history it is actually enough to get the idea that the US never intended to bring real freedom and real democracy to Europe. Freedom and democracy are only words. Today the European countries are controlled by elites. It is not something people like to admit. We like to believe we live in democracies. But the truth is that the majority of the population are only spectators to democracy. The play their role once in a while when the chose on or another politician, to represent the government. But regardless of who is elected, they will never, ever break off from the supernational policies planned in EU by the conspiracy.

by secretely pushing for a United States of Europe. The real motives were the same as for the third world countries: Prevent them from creating free, democratic, sovereign, independent nation-states. The development of free, independent, democratic nations was what the conspiracy feared most of all. If that process began they could wave goodby to the plan of building up a global empire under their control. Therefor they did all the could to create regional organisation. These regional organizations would be much easier to control than independent, sovereign nations.

That the plan has always been a global government to control the world

The conspiracy, the deep state – call what you will –