We have been taught in the school’s something like this: In former times mankind was not so clever. People believed in religious myths because they had no scientific knowledge about the true causes of our physical world. The Christians believed that God created the world with all its life and that a world-wide flood destroyed mankind. But these myths were proved wrong when modern science discovered that the real causes behind all things were natural and not a result of divine intervention. No gods were involved!

It is often explained in that way, but the truth is very different.

Maybe you believe that the gradual disappearance of Christianity from the schools, the universities, and the general world view in the Western societies was a result of the introduction of modern scientific discoveries from 1700-1900 which proved the biblical world view wrong.

Maybe you have been told that BECAUSE we gained more and more science-based knowledge about the natural causes that brought life into existence without the need of any god or gods, THEN the biblical worldview was step by step pushed out in the dark. There was no room for it because everyone – even the Christians themselves – HAD to admit that it´s biblical explanations of how God created the world was completely mythical in nature. In other words: The Christians had to leave their religious beliefs were resting on very thin foundation. And from now one Christianity became a kind of ancient reminiscence, a meaningless form like an ancient theater with no attachment what so ever at all to the real world.

and a new form of secular mindset emerged – naturally.

That is NOT what really happened. The men who were some of the most important figures in science, politics, and religion during the so-called Enlightened period, the men who were the primary influencer on the future secular world view, they were all driven by a very strong hatred to Christianity. The were Christophobes. The question now is, what came first? Were undermining of the biblical world view a kind of bi-product of their scientific theories, OR were their scientific theories formed in order to undermine the very foundation of the biblical world view?

Their ambitions to undermine and eradicate the Christian world view

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